Operational Analytics Using AWS OpenSearch

Delivering Operational Analytics with AWS’ fully managed, cost effective, secure and scalable OpenSearch service to help businesses make more informed decisions from operational data logs.
80% of businesses believe in Operational Analytics to drive profits.

70% of businesses show emphasis on Operation than on consumer-focused processes for their analytics initiatives.

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Machine generated data is growing exponentially and getting insights from it is important for your business. Amazon OpenSearch service is an open-source managed services solution that helps you build, monitor, and trouble shoot your applications using tools and APIs such as Kibana, Logstash, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Lambda, and Amazon VPC. With these tools, you can analyze the machine generated data and get insights to take your next meticulous step.

Agilisium, being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, have extensive experience in leveraging OpenSearch services, helps you with operational analytics to make informed decisions.

Agilisium’s Operational Analytics Capabilities

Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

Proactively monitor applications and infrastructure log data to find performance issues faster and improve operational health


Full text search capabilities, Fast search experience allowing users to quickly find relevant data

Centralized logging for applications

Logs from multiple applications are consolidated and analyzed for various purposes.

Self-managed Open-source OpenSearch to Amazon OpenSearch Service

Migrate to Amazon OpenSearch Service from self-managed OpenSearch and run cost effectively and at scale.

Splunk to Amazon OpenSearch Service

Full text search capabilities, Fast search experience allowing users to quickly find relevant data.

Why Amazon OpenSearch?

  • Fully Managed

    • Build, monitor, and troubleshoot applications
    • Support for open-source OpenSearch APIs, managed Kibana
    • Integration with Logstash
  • Cost Effective

    • Pay on for what you use
    • No upfront fee or usage requirement
    • Cost savings with Reserved Instances
  • Secure & Compliant

    • Securely connect application to ES
    • Network access using Security groups
    • Granular permissions
    • PCI DSS, SOC, ISO compliant
    • HIPAA eligible
  • Highly Scalable & Available

    • Upto 3 PB of data in a single ES cluster
    • Support 3 AZ deployments
    • Cross zone replication enabled
    • Default hourly snapshots with 14-day retention
  • Easy to Deploy & Manage

    • Simple to setup and configure
    • In-place upgrades with zero downtime
    • Built-in event monitoring and alerting
    • Support for SQL querying

Agilisium Advantage

  • AWS Centricity

    Born in Cloud and earned accreditations across different AWS services with an overall expertise of about 8+ years

  • Database Migration Experience

    15+ PB migrated to AWS and managed till date through successful Big Data Analytics Projects

  • AWS Data & Analytics and DevOps Competency

    AWS Service delivery partner for Amazon Redshift, EMR, QuickSight, EC2 for Windows and Advanced Consulting

  • Proven Accelerators

    20+ Assessment & Migration Toolkits to de-risk and accelerate migration of your legacy DBs to AWS Cloud

  • Large Talent

    105+ Certified Big Data Analytics Experts


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