AWS Lambda

Creating serverless solution and
transforming applications to cloud
by leveraging AWS Lambda


AWS Lambda enables you to harness the power of cloud and its benefits by running your codes on cloud environment without having to maintain servers and manage clusters. Attract any scale of traffic to proliferate your business and make more informed business decisions with your data to address the customer needs precisely.

Agilisium, being a Service Delivery Partner for AWS Lambda Services, have extensive experience in leveraging Lambda services that is the best fit within your data architecture/environment.

Our AWS Lambda Capabilities

  • Adopt

    • Discovery & Assessment
    • Gap Analysis
    • Future State Architecture
  • Transform

    • Implementation of Serverless computation
    • Setup of Lambda based Event Triggers
    • API Integration with required AWS & third-party services
  • Optimize

    • Cost Optimization Strategies
    • Performance Optimization
  • Manage

    • 24/7 Support & Incident Remediation
    • Guidance on upgrading to a new release
    • Periodic Security & Compliance Audits
    • Monitoring & Reporting

Agilisium Advantage

  • AWS Centricity

    Born in Cloud and earned accreditations across different AWS services with overall expertise of about 8+ years

  • Database Migration Experience

    15+ PB data migrated to AWS and managed till date through successful Big Data Analytics Projects

  • AWS Competency

    Advanced Consulting Partner for Data & Analytics Competency

  • Proven Accelerators

    20+ Assessment & Migration Toolkits to de-risk and accelerate migration of your legacy DBs to AWS Cloud

  • Large Talent

    105+ Certified Big Data Analytics Experts

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