Operational excellence
Focus on executing and monitoring systems and improving business processes and procedures – by automating changes, responding to events, and defining operational standards.
Focus on protecting information and systems – while maintaining data integrity & confidentiality and managing user permissions and identifying potential security threats.
Ensure that your AWS workloads perform their intended functions and quickly recover from infrastructure or service failures.
Performance & Efficiency 
Streamline the allocation of sufficient IT and computing resources – including selecting the type and size of resources for AWS workload optimization.
Cost optimization 
Through AWS cost optimization, avoid unnecessary costs by controlling fund allocation, selecting the right type & quantity of resources, and scaling resources without excessive spending.
Minimize the environmental impact of running workloads on the cloud - through a shared responsibility model, impact analysis, and maximizing utilization of available resources.

Top Use Cases

Architecture assessment 
Here is how ​Agilisium's technical experts in AWS technology can work with stakeholders to assess your existing cloud architectures.
Reports and recommendations 
Learn how the Agilisium team used AWS tools to create a detailed and collective report - and helped clients interpret this result into actionable recommendations.
Remediation assistance
Explore how our certified AWS experts can assist customers with their chosen remediation paths or activities.

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Our Case Studies

Here is how Agilisium customers have optimized their application workloads to run efficiently on the AWS Cloud.

Built A Unified Tableau Dashboard Migrated From DOMO

Learn how we Re-engineered & Migrated DOMO dashboards to Tableau in Snowflake, reducing 80% of Compute Time & 45% of TCO
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Improved the Retention Rate by 70% by delivering Personalized user recommendations for an American mass media house conglomerate

Viewership details of each user are captured from various partners such as Hulu, Youtube, AppleTV, etc. and stored in Redshift
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How a F500 Pharmaceutical Commercial Team achieved Data Democratization and reduced Drug Commercialization Cost by 30%

Agilisium used AWS services to rearchitect a commercial data lake and a data warehouse with end-to-end process automation
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How to get started?

AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a comprehensive cloud-migration program designed to accelerate your cloud migration and modernization efforts with minimal costs. AWS’ MAP outcome-driven methodology has been honed over thousands of enterprise migrations and created by AWS to reduce costs and break down the complexities of enterprise migrations.
Build Resilience Into Your Cloud Infrastructure Using AWS WAR
Elevate the scalability and performance of your AWS Cloud infrastructure with the best practices from AWS WAR. Our technical team of experts is ready to work with your project stakeholders.

Our most recent work


What is an AWS well-architected review?

Application Modernization services involve the migration of legacy applications to new platforms like the cloud. These services include integrating new frameworks, languages, infrastructure, and functionalities to deliver the latest functions.

Why is AWS well-architected review a critical part of the cloud design process?

Nearly 80% of customers execute recommended solutions based on structured reviews and associated guidelines. The AWS WAR provides an efficient process to help customers improve their AWS cloud infrastructure. The AWS Well-Architected Framework describes key concepts and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud.

What is the AWS well-architected framework?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a set of 5 pillars including operational excellence, security, and performance. The WAF provides general guidance on best practices to help customers properly utilize AWS functionalities.

What is the AWS well-architected assessment?

Based on AWS WAR, the AWS well-architected assessment helps in assessing the existing AWS workloads and measuring them against the 5 pillars of the AWS WAF. Its purpose is to provide a complete review of the existing AWS Cloud environment.

Why do you need AWS WAR?

The AWS Well-Architected Review (WAR) can enable your organization to review the current state of your applications & workloads against the best practices of the WAF architecture. It can also identify opportunities for process improvement and track progress.

What are the benefits of AWS well-architected review?

Here are the benefits of the AWS WAR:

  • Operational excellence that can help in optimizing performance
  • Accurate risk identification
  • Faster and cost-effective application workloads
  • Checking for areas of improvement in the AWS framework
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