Unified Cloud Management Solution for the Life Sciences Value Chain

Accelerate the Life Sciences value chain from research breakthroughs to market success with our streamlined cloud management platform

Why CloudOne?

CloudOne revolutionizes the Life Sciences industry by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge cloud solutions. This platform optimizes research workflows, ensuring agile and efficient processes for drug discovery and development. With advanced orchestration capabilities, CloudOne accelerates the pace of innovation, reducing time-to-market for new pharmaceuticals.

Security is paramount in Life Sciences, and CloudOne addresses this with robust measures to safeguard sensitive data. Continuous monitoring ensures compliance with industry regulations, providing a secure environment for research activities.
Well-rounded and Adaptable Cloud Management Approach

Maximize potential by leveraging the Cloud

Minimize Risk


Scalable Infrastructure: Cloud computing platforms enable effortless scaling of computational resources, providing unparalleled power for data-intensive tasks.
Cost Optimization: Cloud computing fundamentally transforms how life science organizations approach IT infrastructure and distributed computing, democratizing access to robust computational capabilities.
Reliability and Performance: Emphasis on cost optimization and reliability ensures efficient resource utilization, while robust security measures protect sensitive data, ensuring a secure and reliable computing environment.
Security and Compliance: Effective adoption of cloud platforms necessitates a shift in business and technology culture, involving the architecture, engineering, and optimization of systems around the capabilities offered by the cloud.
Continuous Improvement: Agilisium's CloudOne guides clients through assessing, designing, and implementing secure cloud platforms, accelerating scientific discovery by speeding up processes, reducing costs, and providing scalability for future growth. Welcome to the future of Science Infrastructure.
Minimize Risk


Threat Detection and Prevention: Our primary focus is on strengthening scientific organizations involved in research and development throughout the life science value chain.
Incident Response and Management: Utilizing advanced Threat Detection and Prevention tools, we proactively secure critical research data, particularly in crucial areas like drug discovery, genomics, and clinical trials.
Compliance and Governance: Incident Response and Management are meticulously fine-tuned through the development and testing of response plans, minimizing potential damage in the dynamic life science landscape.
Continuous Monitoring and Analysis: Robust security measures are ensured through rigorous Compliance and Governance protocols, aligning with regulatory standards to safeguard sensitive information.
Access Control and Identity Management: Access Control and Identity Management serve as formidable defenses, preventing unauthorized access and fortifying against data breaches. As the scientific landscape shifts to fully virtualized environments, the cloud, with inherent security standards and detailed audit trails, emerges as the default choice.
Minimize Risk


Cost Visibility and Optimization: CloudOne optimizes costs through specialized tools, accurately allocating resources and identifying opportunities for savings.
Transparent Financial Management: Transparent Financial Management offers clear insights, providing detailed reports and efficient budgeting to empower decision-makers in the life science domain.
Resource Tagging and Management: Resource Tagging policies ensure transparency, enabling effective tracking of resource usage, while Rightsizing and Utilization Improvement minimize expenses in genomics, drug discovery, and experiments.
Utilization Improvement: CloudOne upholds Governance and Compliance, safeguarding financial integrity within the dynamic world of life science.
Governance and Compliance: In the dynamic realm of life science, CloudOne FinOps serves as a strategic ally, ensuring optimized financial operations to support the unique needs of genomics, drug discovery, and experiments.
Minimize Risk


Accelerated Software Delivery: CloudOne orchestrates Accelerated Software Delivery practices by implementing robust CI/CD pipelines, expediting the release of critical research tools and updates.
Collaborative Culture: Our strategy involves fostering a Collaborative Culture between development and operations teams, enhancing efficiency in the delivery process.
Enhanced Quality and Reliability: Enhanced Quality and Reliability are prioritized through automated testing and deployment strategies, mitigating errors and minimizing downtime in life science operations.
Scalability and Efficiency: Scalability and Efficiency are assured through adept containerization and orchestration, allowing seamless deployment across diverse life science environments.
Continuous Integration of Security (DevSecOps): CloudOne's avant-garde adoption of infrastructure-as-code in life sciences organizations accelerates digital transformations. This reduces time to generate scientific results, enhancing the performance, security, and reproducibility of workflows and pipelines throughout the life science value chain.

Agilisium’s Happy Customers

Top Business Use Cases

IT Operations and Infrastructure Management
Enable IT teams to efficiently provision, monitor, and manage infrastructure resources, automating tasks like server provisioning, networking, and storage management.
Pharma Exclusive
Field Sales Analytics
Improve sales force effectiveness with deeper insights into subnational performance, proactive sales intelligence, and sharper HCP targeting.
Pharma Exclusive
Patient Experience Analytics
Get a holistic view of the patient journey-track referral, shipment, exposure, titration, and adherence to ensure patients continue therapy.
Pharma Exclusive
Human Resources and Collaboration
HR departments can efficiently manage collaboration tools and platforms, ensuring secure access for remote teams and fostering effective communication and collaboration.
Collaborative Research Initiatives
Leverage secure collaboration among global research teams by providing unified cloud environments, enhancing data sharing, analysis, and knowledge exchange for collaborative research efforts.
Omnichannel Analytics
Analyze customer interactions across every channel to create better experiences and improved business outcomes
Cost Management and Optimization
CMPs help businesses track cloud spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize resource allocation, ensuring better budget control and reduced operational expenses.
Supply Chain
Optimize the delivery process and save money with direct acccess to inventory levels, logistics data and financial performance.
Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
Assist in managing regulatory compliance by providing audit trails, secure data storage, and facilitating streamlined reporting processes required by regulatory authorities


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Client Testimonials

Achieved through advanced Data Lakehouse Solution
From endless computing power, to reduced cycle time and easier data access, the new efficiency supported by Agilisium and enabled by AWS helps us to produce timely insights about products, customers, and patients and significantly enhance their experiences.
Vishnu Maddileti
Director Data Sciences, Amgen
Compute Time Saved by using Incremental refresh time
I’ve had a great experience working with the Agilisium team. The NBCU team has had visibility throughout the entire project on what the development team has been working on which is much appreciated especially with an offshore team. Another item to note is that the team was able to be flexible with scope changes and working with the leads to incorporate into anew timeline.
Liz Hill 
Director of Program Management, Decision Sciences, NBCUniversal
Increase in Customer Engagement By Unified Data Platform
Agilisium is a reliable and dedicated partner that caresfor our success always providing valuable knowledge, experience, expertise andprofessionalism to the table. Over the years, Agilisium has consistently deliveredextraordinary results and has become a true partner for us.
Julio Del Rio
Director, Application Services, Universal Music Group
Efficiency improved in Supply-chain management
Agilisium helped us build a Data Governance framework that enables data discovery to create a unified view across the enterprise. As a result, we have achieved huge efficiency improvement in supply-chain management through reliable, detailed insights. We spend less time managing data and more time driving ROI
Anand Radhakrishnan
Head of IT
Reduced 25% TCO By building advanced Cloud Data Warehousing
Agilisium is a professional partner with high quality resources and expertise in the Data Warehousing and general AWS domain. They are a great partner to Green Dot andhave been very important to our technical delivery of our new ODS and EDW.
Ronald Park
Director Data Warehouse Engineering, Green Dot Corporation


How does CloudOne enhance research workflows in the Life Sciences industry?

CloudOne optimizes research workflows by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge cloud solutions. It provides an agile and efficient platform for drug discovery and development, accelerating the pace of innovation. Its advanced orchestration capabilities streamline processes, making them more collaborative and effective.

What security measures does CloudOne have in place to protect sensitive data in the life sciences field?

Security is a top priority for CloudOne. The platform employs robust measures to safeguard sensitive data, including encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring. These security features ensure compliance with industry regulations, providing a secure environment for research activities in the life sciences sector.

How does CloudOne contribute to reducing the time-to-market for new pharmaceuticals?

CloudOne plays a crucial role in accelerating the development and delivery of new pharmaceuticals. By optimizing research workflows and offering advanced orchestration capabilities, it streamlines processes, ultimately reducing the time-to-market for new drugs. This efficiency is vital in the fast-paced field of pharmaceutical innovation.

Can CloudOne be customized to meet the specific needs of different research projects?

Yes, CloudOne is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the unique requirements of different research projects. The platform offers customization options to cater to diverse research needs in the life science industry. This flexibility ensures that researchers can tailor the platform to their specific workflows and objectives.

How does CloudOne ensure compliance with industry regulations in the life science sector?

CloudOne employs continuous monitoring and robust security measures to ensure compliance with industry regulations in the life science sector. The platform is designed to meet and exceed the standards set by regulatory bodies, providing a secure and compliant environment for research activities. Regular updates and adherence to industry best practices contribute to maintaining compliance.

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