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Empower business agility through advanced data engineering solutions that makes you future-ready

Our Data Engineering Services

Agilisiums’s data engineering services and analytics solutions are designed to grow businesses and help them stand out from the crowd. How do we do it? Glad you asked! We begin with thoroughly understanding your current business model and identifying optimization opportunities. This allows us to create user-friendly data engineering solutions to modernize data platforms and streamline data processing pipelines.

Data Warehouse Migration  

Leverage the power of AWS to conveniently shift your data to a high-end cloud-enabled system capable of producing far better insights. 

ETL Data Processing  

Tired of the legacy data lakes and their tedious management? Transform your business with our agile and scalable data modernization solutions. 

Database Modernization  

Tired of the legacy data lakes and their tedious management? Transform your business with our agile and scalable data modernization solutions.


Optimize processing and introduce more agility to your data engineering capabilities with DataOps, an automated solution that marries the principle of DevOps with data. 

Data Integration and Pipelines

Integrate AWS data pipelines with your business to streamline the movement and transformation of your data. 

Our Case Studies

Leveraging AWS Redshift makes analytics-at-pace a reality for Universal Music Group

Empower the Analytic pace of UMG
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Agilisium’s AWS Big Data solution enables speed of thought insights for Universal Music Group

Data Convergence in AWS Cloud Computing
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Agilisium enables exceptional value delivery for SocialHi5 through DevOps

Delivery process scaled via DevOps
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Facilitating Smart Customer 360 View and Rich Insights via Self-Service Integration Support

Metrics with clear interpret and visualization
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How Vodafone business (VOIS) build a platform to enable and execute analytics models to create multiple tactics for increasing the efficiency for, on call processing at call centre

Agilisium used Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services to architect a commercial data lake and a data
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Built an immutable data storage solution to simplify reporting and third-party integration for Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co.

AWS Serverless near real time architecture for migrating on prem SQL Server data changes to Amazon aurora
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Migrating to Amazon Aurora Postgres helped Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. achieve Near real time Insights, Improved Scalability and Better Data Quality

AWS Serverless near real time architecture for migrating on prem SQL Server data changes to Amazon aurora.
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Implementing long running ETL deployments with AWS CloudFormation

Enabling Devops in RSAC
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Helping RSAC, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company take the Data to Insight leap

Manage and process your big data workflows with Airflow and Amazon EMR
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Corsair optimizes supply chain with increased data insights and reduced costs

Agilisium used AWS services to build an elastically scalable data processing and reporting solution on cloud, leveraging our advanced AWS Redshift and BI capabilities
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Built A Unified Tableau Dashboard Migrated From DOMO

Learn how we Re-engineered & Migrated DOMO dashboards to Tableau in Snowflake, reducing 80% of Compute Time & 45% of TCO
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Improved the Retention Rate by 70% by delivering Personalized user recommendations for an American mass media house conglomerate

Viewership details of each user are captured from various partners such as Hulu, Youtube, AppleTV, etc. and stored in Redshift
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How a F500 Pharmaceutical Commercial Team achieved Data Democratization and reduced Drug Commercialization Cost by 30%

Agilisium used AWS services to rearchitect a commercial data lake and a data warehouse with end-to-end process automation
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Experience the Agilisium Advantage

At Agilisium, as a data engineering company, we are driven by constant innovation and strive for perfection in developing cloud-compatible AWS solutions.
Improved Operational Efficiency
Choose cloud driven AWS data engineering merged with the power of AI technology to achieve improved efficiency and better supply chain transparency. 
Drive Democratization of Data
With tools like Amazon Redshift, you can analyze huge loads of data quickly and make it accessible to your entire staff and all your stakeholders.
Leverage More Flexibility
Change the size of your compute cluster instantly, scale your service, or supply any amount of computing resource with ease by choosing our AWS cloud data engineering services.

Data Engineering with AWS

Agilisium employs the most cutting-edge tools and cloud-driven technologies available to meet your cloud transformation needs. We collaborate with the most trusted cloud solution providers to provide scalable and high-end software solutions, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. 
Modernize Your Cloud Infrastructure with Our Data Engineering Services
Achieve business agility and flexibility with our technology expertise in Cloud and Amazon Redshift. Our team of data engineers can guide you from start to finish.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Delivering AWS data engineering services for years, we have become a credible source of AWS and cloud solutions for businesses across the globe. Our data engineering professionals can guide you through and execute all aspects of establishing data lakehouses, crafting data pipelines, and building a functional ETL process using data engineering with AWS. Here are a few reasons why we are an ideal fit: 
Get Better Data Insights
With Agilisium’s support, you can establish custom algorithms that provide better insights into various aspects of your customers' needs. Using these insights, you can also predict future trends and prepare for whatever the future holds.  
Efficiency in Data Models 
Our team of seasoned data engineering consultants and experts will build CI/CD pipelines for your unique model and maintain them on a regular basis. Ready to stretch your limits with our data engineering solutions? 
Robust AWS databases
We specialize in AWS data engineering and databases driven by cloud-native services like Amazon QuickSight and Redshift. These databases aid in automating time-consuming operational tasks, including patching and backups. 
Centered Data Governance
Data governance encompasses every activity that is associated with ensuring that a company’s data is secure, precise, and accessible. Our tailor-made data governance systems combined with cloud efficiencies check off all the boxes, keeping your data secure and readily accessible.
Identify Patterns for Business Growth 
From detecting data anomalies to suggesting relevant cloud activities using tools like Power BI and Tableau, we help you predict both hurdles and opportunities. Leverage these patterns to transform your business with cloud-driven AWS data transformation. 
End-to-end Support
We, at Agilisium, are proud of our team of established AWS data scientists who support you throughout the entire data migration, transformation, and warehousing process. Whether it’s a quick query or a consultation request, we’re just a phone call away. 


What is data engineering?

From a technical perspective, the practice of designing and building systems for data collection, analysis, and storage is known as "data engineering." In the past decade, data engineering has found a wide range of applications in nearly all industries. Data engineering services enable enterprises to replace their expensive in-house data infrastructure and transform their information pipelines into reliable and effective cloud solutions.

What does engineering consulting do?

Data engineering consulting helps professionals run raw data analysis to provide predictive models and helps them visualize short and long-term data trends. This helps organizations develop better strategies on all fronts and provides a clear roadmap of action.

What is the difference between Data Engineering and Data Analytics?

Data analytics aims to interpret the available data using descriptive analysis and static modeling techniques. On the other hand, data engineering is a broader concept that revolves around building and maintaining data pipelines using dynamic tools and techniques to gain useful insights for future strategies.

What is Amazon Web Service?

Amazon Web Services or AWS, is a solution offered by Amazon that delivers on-demand and seamless cloud computing to businesses of all scales and sizes. The service works on a pay-as-you-go basis and is the world’s most popular cloud platform for data engineering services.

Why choose Agilisium for data engineering services?

Our data engineering services help businesses develop data-driven strategies that positively affect their ROI and scalability. With futuristic analytics technology and AI-powered data interpretation, Agilisium can take your business to the next level. If you have any questions about our data engineering consulting or AWS solutions, you can reach out to us directly by filling in the form below.

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