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With cloud computing for life sciences by your side, the sky's the limit. Turn to Agilisium to unlock the full potential of data-driven cloud solutions to reduce the running cost, improve engagement, and seamless collaboration.

Our Expertise

Agilisium stands out as a distinguished Life Sciences Data, AI, and Analytics company, specializing in tailoring advanced solutions to the unique demands of the life sciences industry. With a focus on precision medicine analytics, real-world evidence, and regulatory compliance, Agilisium offers comprehensive end-to-end data management services designed to handle complex datasets while leveraging artificial intelligence to accelerate drug discovery, optimize clinical trials, and enhance decision-making in research and development.
Our cloud solutions for life sciences are built to help organizations manufacture better medicines and optimize operations while maintaining minimal downtimes.
Drug Discovery
Biopharma companies are already leveraging high-end insights using big data and analytics in life sciences. Attain molecular lab data and run quantum computations on the go for quicker drug discovery.
Drug Commercialization
Cloud comes with robust tools and data lakes that can be utilized for everything from analytics, organization, and pooling the lab data to managing the life cycle of the drug and commercializing it.
Operations and Supply-chain
Streamlining pharmaceutical operations within your supply chain or orchestrating all your development processes on the cloud all of it is possible with Agilisium’s cloud for life science and pharma services.
Pharmacovigilance or drug safety analysis is witnessing a paradigm shift with the inception of data analytics for life sciences. Our AWS solutions can help you aggregate reporting, mitigate risks, and increase precision. 
Clinical Trials
From pilot studies to prevention trials, explore how cloud and data analysis are transforming the conventional ways of clinical trials.
Clinical Trial Management
Using cloud-powered automated clinical trial monitoring, cloud in pharma allows medical professionals to run intricate clinical trials with better data quality and lower costs.
Patient Engagement
Cloud in pharma aims to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by boosting the engagement rate using interactive cloud solutions and deep data insights.
Real-world Evidence
By deploying real-world evidence platforms using a variety of cloud solutions, professionals can interpret disparate pharmaceutical data and track genuine patterns. This, in turn, can be used to advance life sciences.
Digital Therapeutics
Digital Therapeutics integrated with top-of-the-line AWS solutions enables organizations to build, customize and deploy independent yet interconnected medication devices for optimal patient care.
Medical Devices
Marrying medical devices with the power of the virtually limitless cloud and data analytics for life sciences has made diagnostics more accessible to patients worldwide. See how it affects different verticals of the domain.
Digital Health Monitoring
Leveraging remote patient monitoring facilities and real-time data sharing, cloud-driven digital health monitoring allows pharma professionals to keep constant tabs on their patient’s health.
Advanced Analytics for Medical Imaging
Cloud allows research teams and radiologists to accelerate the pace of tech adoption and innovations while also helping them unleash the full potential of medical imagery with advanced analytics.
WebApps for Medical Device
Pharma and life science web apps are software that brings pharmaceutical services to your fingertips. These smartphone-friendly web apps utilize cloud for life sciences to ensure seamless communication and delivery.
Wearables and IoT
Wearables have become an integral part of life sciences and pharmaceutical testing. Data analytics for life sciences enables wearable pharma devices to share, upload, and process participants’ data in real-time.
In general terms, Genomics is a sector that concentrates on studying the structure, evolution, and functioning of DNA genomes. Cloud has been at the forefront of innovation in genomics in the following ways.
Pharmacogenomics is the study of analyzing genes responsible for variable actions that drugs trigger. Cloud solutions enable researchers to draw more refined pharmacogenomic results in lesser time.
Tertiary Analysis
Transform genomic data into biological interpretations with the help of potent machine learning and high-performance cloud computing resources. Ask Agilisium for help today.
Clinical Genomics
Data analytics for life sciences grant clinical professionals the power to diagnose with utmost precision using better genetic data. AWS has been the leading choice for safe and fast clinical genomics for years.
Multi-modal and Multi-omics
Experience increased computer efficiency at scale and achieved high data integration capabilities, making discovering clinical data correlations easier than ever with multi-modal and multi-omics.

Accelerate Life Sciences Data Transformation Journey!

Agilisium is a leading provider of cloud and data solutions, catering to a global clientele of life science organizations. Leverage the perfect blend of cloud and data analytics for life sciences today with our trusted.
Advanced Business Intelligence
Unleash the power of big data analysis for life sciences with collaborative advanced business intelligence and EPM optimization tools.
Commercial Data Lake Platforms
Build a centralized repository of personalized life sciences data to store and structure everything in one place. With Agilisium cloud, there are no virtual limitations to possibilities.
Data-driven R&D
Harness the power of data with cloud-driven lab informatics to get intricate life science insights for human-centered R&D. This cloud data will help you govern your business processes better.
Manufacturing and supply chain
Implementing top-of-the-line big data analytics solutions to manufacturing and supply chain, we offer turnkey facilities to transform raw data into actionable roadmaps.
Decentralized Clinical Trials
Enter the future of clinical trials with Agilisium’s cloud for life sciences. Leverage our people-driven decentralized solutions for pharmaceutical jobs.
Medical Devices
Agilisium empowers life science organizations and pharma labs to deliver better outcomes and digitize their processes with cloud-enabled medical devices.

Our Case Studies

Built A Unified Tableau Dashboard Migrated From DOMO

Learn how we Re-engineered & Migrated DOMO dashboards to Tableau in Snowflake, reducing 80% of Compute Time & 45% of TCO
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Improved the Retention Rate by 70% by delivering Personalized user recommendations for an American mass media house conglomerate

Viewership details of each user are captured from various partners such as Hulu, Youtube, AppleTV, etc. and stored in Redshift
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How a F500 Pharmaceutical Commercial Team achieved Data Democratization and reduced Drug Commercialization Cost by 30%

Agilisium used AWS services to rearchitect a commercial data lake and a data warehouse with end-to-end process automation
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Agilisium Builds FAIR Data Management Solutions for Futureproof Life Science Industry

The FAIR Data Principles are guidelines for scientific data management and stewardship to make research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable and thus, promote their maximum use. Moreover, data that’s governed, trustworthy, traceable and of high quality is critical for accelerating self-service analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives for many of our customers.
Data are richly described by metadata and have a unique and persistent identifier
Data and corresponding metadata are understandable to humans and machines, and accessible through defined protocols
Data and corresponding metadata use formal and accessible knowledge representation to guarantee reuse
Metadata accurately describe the provenance and usage license for the data

Client Testimonials

Achieved through advanced Data Lakehouse Solution
From endless computing power, to reduced cycle time and easier data access, the new efficiency supported by Agilisium and enabled by AWS helps us to produce timely insights about products, customers, and patients and significantly enhance their experiences.
Vishnu Maddileti
Director Data Sciences, Amgen
Compute Time Saved by using Incremental refresh time
I’ve had a great experience working with the Agilisium team. The NBCU team has had visibility throughout the entire project on what the development team has been working on which is much appreciated especially with an offshore team. Another item to note is that the team was able to be flexible with scope changes and working with the leads to incorporate into anew timeline.
Liz Hill 
Director of Program Management, Decision Sciences, NBCUniversal
Increase in Customer Engagement By Unified Data Platform
Agilisium is a reliable and dedicated partner that caresfor our success always providing valuable knowledge, experience, expertise andprofessionalism to the table. Over the years, Agilisium has consistently deliveredextraordinary results and has become a true partner for us.
Julio Del Rio
Director, Application Services, Universal Music Group
Efficiency improved in Supply-chain management
Agilisium helped us build a Data Governance framework that enables data discovery to create a unified view across the enterprise. As a result, we have achieved huge efficiency improvement in supply-chain management through reliable, detailed insights. We spend less time managing data and more time driving ROI
Anand Radhakrishnan
Head of IT
Reduced 25% TCO By building advanced Cloud Data Warehousing
Agilisium is a professional partner with high quality resources and expertise in the Data Warehousing and general AWS domain. They are a great partner to Green Dot andhave been very important to our technical delivery of our new ODS and EDW.
Ronald Park
Director Data Warehouse Engineering, Green Dot Corporation

Big data analytics for the pharmaceutical industry- A big leap towards digital success

Today’s world is data-driven. From your phone, to your laptop, to your smart home devices, everyday data is being generated in the quintillions. This can be a mess, especially if you run a business.
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Digital Transformation Benefits in Life Science

Agilisium is the fastest-growing Cloud Transformation & Data Analytics company with strong expertise in Data lake solutions, Data Warehouse Engineering, Data Migration & Modernization.
Faster to Insights in R&D by Data Democratization
Reduce in Drug Commercialization Cost
Time Saved by Digital Clinical Documentation
Efficiency Achieved in Patient Engagement

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