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What is Doc Sonar?

Doc Sonar is a state-of-the-art document search solution designed specifically for pharmaceutical companies. It leverages advanced Generative AI capabilities, to enable users to upload documents, ask specific questions, and receive accurate and contextually relevant results. It goes beyond traditional keyword-based search, employing semantic understanding and contextual awareness for an enhanced user experience.

How does Doc Sonar ensure data security and privacy?

Doc Sonar provides customers with option to use open-source technologies like Mistral LLM, Milvus Vector Database, to ensure data does not leave client environment. Additionally, Doc Sonar employs a persona-based system to enhance security and privacy. Users are assigned collections based on their roles, and administrators manage these assignments. This approach ensures that users can only access and interact with the documents relevant to their responsibilities, preserving confidentiality.

What kind of documents can be used with Doc Sonar?

Doc Sonar supports a wide range of file types commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, including PDFs, Word documents, and more. Users can upload various document formats to ensure flexibility in managing their information.

Is the solution provided customizable?

Doc Sonar is a Plug-&-Play solution designed from ground up with ease of use in mind, still if you have specific requirements, we will be happy to customize the solution to yourorganization's need.

How much training is needed for users to become proficient in using Doc Sonar?

Doc Sonar is designed with a user-friendly interface to minimize the learning curve. Training requirements are minimal, and users can start utilizing the system effectively with basic guidance provided during onboarding.

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