Meet Data Lens

A revolutionary Gen-AI powered query tool for data analysis that summarizes large volumes of data from diverse data hubs.
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Unleash the Power of Data Lens

This Gen-AI powered query tool analyzes complex data from diverse hubs and delivers insights in the form of summarized information. Leveraging the capabilities of natural language processing and generative AI, Data Lens enables conversational data queries, making it easier to extract relevant insights.

This is particularly valuable for analyzing large datasets, such as pharmaceutical sales and omnichannel marketing data, providing actionable intelligence for informed decision-making.
"With Data Lens, we save up to 80% time in data retrieval as it eliminates the dependency we usually have on tech teams to learn the query language first."

- Leading Clinical Research Organisation

Data Analysis made easier across the Pharma value chain using Data Lens

Research & Development
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Analysis
Extract insights from EMR data to support clinical trials and optimize patient outcomes.
Claims Data Analysis
Summarize claims data to identify patterns and assess the cost-effectiveness of different drugs, helping bridge gaps between current treatment options and unmet medical needs.
Drug Development Optimization
Analyze clinical report data to provide insights that streamline drug development by identifying areas for improvement.
Clinical Trials
Site Selection Optimization
Leverage historical trial data, patient database analysis, real-time monitoring, feasibility assessments, and risk mitigation techniques to optimize trial efficiency and success rates.
Investigator Selection and Performance 
Improve the quality of investigator selection and performance by profiling investigators, monitoring site performance in real-time, providing continuous feedback, and mitigating risks.
Cross Trial Analytics 
Enable researchers to identify trends and variations in treatment responses across different subjects, therapeutic modalities, and study settings with ease.
Competitor Analysis
Enable efficient pricing strategies by analyzing large volumes of competitor sales and pricing data, providing a competitive edge.
HCP-Centric Digital Marketing
Analyze HCP prescribing habits and preferences by summarizing large volumes of HCP-rep interactions, ensuring personalized content creation.
Claims Data Analysis
Accurately summarize claims data to identify patterns, assess drug effectiveness, and enhance product safety profiles.
Pharmaceutical Sales
Performance Analysis
Analyze and summarize sales data to understand performance trends, identify growth opportunities, and optimize sales strategies.
Utilize historical sales data and market trends to facilitate accurate sales forecasts, aiding in inventory management and planning.
HCP Engagement Analysis
Empower sales representatives with data on physician interactions to improve engagement and communication effectiveness.

Transforming Data Management in a Leading Pharmaceutical Company with Data Lens

Explore how 'Data Lens,' Agilisium’s Generative AI solution, revolutionized data management for a leading pharmaceutical company, enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiency across its global operations.
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What is Data Lens? 

Data Lens is a Gen-AI powered query tool for descriptive data analysis that summarizes large quantum of data from diverse data sources. 

Is Data Lens useful for structured data analysis?

Yes, Data Lens is useful for analyzing both external and internal structured data as it leverages the capabilities of NLP and Gen-AI to query data.

Do researchers need to learn the query language before using Data Lens? 

No, researchers can obtain timely, accurate, and simplified insights with Data Lens without delving into the technical aspects of the query language.

How can Data Lens help marketers? 

Marketers need to analyze large volumes of data, such as competitor sales data, pricing reports, and claims data. Data Lens assists marketers by providing summarized information from this extensive data, enabling accurate competitor analysis and improved marketing campaigns.

How can Data Lens support R&D teams? 

Researchers are responsible for analyzing large volumes of EMR data to support clinical trials. Data Lens extracts information from diverse data hubs and provides accurate clinical insights, helping to improve patient outcomes. These insights lead to effective drug development optimization.

Can Data Lens be deployed only in specific cloud environments? 

Data Lens is a cloud-agnostic tool that can be deployed in any cloud environment, including Azure, AWS, GCS, and more.

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