Multisource Compatibility
Thanks to the multi source data compatibility, QuickSight embedded analytics, allows you to source and fetch from multiple AWS tools including Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon S3, Presto etc.
Increased Flexible
With a no space constraints model in place, Amazon QuickSight is designed to help you unleash the full potential of embedded analytics. This, in turn, lets you deliver massive chunks of data without any trouble.
End-to-end Business Intelligence
Unmatched AWS OpenSearch scalability provides up to 3 PB of data in a single ES cluster – along with support for up to three AZ deployments and guaranteed standard hourly snapshots with a 14-day retention period.
Welcome Modernization
Boost your development cycle with the AWS QuickSight embed dashboard, designed to build modern paginated reports. With its natural language query abilities, AWS can help your developers craft rich analytical structures.
Scale Effectively
Scale to thousands of users with no configurations or heavy on-site setups using the serverless Amazon QuickSight embedded analytics platform. The integrated in-memory calculation engine brings you the power to scale at high workloads. 
Go Economical
Following a usage-based pricing model, with QuickSight, you only have to pay for what you utilize. So say goodbye to large-scale business intelligence servers that don’t even come into use. 

Top Use Cases

Visual Embedding
With fully managed, fine-grained visual embedding, help users carry on with their tasks in high-traffic applications. Not sure how to implement visual embedding with AWS QuickSight embedded analytics tools? Connect with Agilisium. to create custom observability applications that can view the availability status of your systems. Combine log events with trace data and metrics into a unified view of the overall system health.
Embedded Data Dashboard
Get all your data clusters at your fingertips with a fully embedded data dashboard curated specifically for your business needs. Export data from other interactive dashboards or access in-app analytics instantly with our reliable support.
QuickSight Q embedding
Access deep insight and introduce NLQ capabilities with top-flight functionalities with Agilisium’s high-end embedded analytics. Help the Agilisium professionals guide you through the journey one step at a time.
Authoring Experience
With a fully personalized QuickSight embedded dashboard, you get complete access to multi-tenancy controls that pave the way for an authoring experience. 

How It Works

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Our Case Studies

Agilisium is the fastest-growing Cloud Transformation & Data Analytics company with strong expertise in Data lake solutions, Data Warehouse Engineering, Data Migration & Modernization.

Built A Unified Tableau Dashboard Migrated From DOMO

Learn how we Re-engineered & Migrated DOMO dashboards to Tableau in Snowflake, reducing 80% of Compute Time & 45% of TCO
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Improved the Retention Rate by 70% by delivering Personalized user recommendations for an American mass media house conglomerate

Viewership details of each user are captured from various partners such as Hulu, Youtube, AppleTV, etc. and stored in Redshift
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How a F500 Pharmaceutical Commercial Team achieved Data Democratization and reduced Drug Commercialization Cost by 30%

Agilisium used AWS services to rearchitect a commercial data lake and a data warehouse with end-to-end process automation
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How to get started?

AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a comprehensive cloud-migration program designed to accelerate your cloud migration and modernization efforts with minimal costs. AWS’ MAP outcome-driven methodology has been honed over thousands of enterprise migrations and created by AWS to reduce costs and break down the complexities of enterprise migrations.
Achieve Complex Data Analysis Through Embedded Analytics in Amazon QuickSight
Transform your business analytics with the powerful visual and dashboard capabilities of Amazon QuickSight. The Agilisium team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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What is embedded analytics?

Embedded analytics is an AWS service that brings data analytics and visualization capabilities together to make various development and operational tasks easier. This not only revolutionizes the way a business produces data reports but also allows the company to spot opportunities early on.

What is AWS QuickSight and what is used for?

Amazon QuickSight is a business intelligence service offered by the AWS cloud suite. It can be used to transform raw data into useful insights that, in turn, could be applied to various business strategies. Amazon QuickSight is also capable of merging data from various different sources. 

What are the advantages of aws quicksight embedded dashboard?

The AWS QuickSight embed dashboard is beneficial to everyone, from analysts to developers to business owners. Here are some of its major advantages: 

  • Natural language querying (NLQ)
  • Easy content embedding 
  • Automatic scaling capabilities
  • Fine grained visuals

Why should you choose AWS for embedded analytics?

By seamlessly integrating analytics into your own web site or application, embedded AWS analytics allows users to unleash the full potential of visual-driven data. This brings simplicity to the system and makes interpreting data a lot easier for cloud teams.

What are the benefits of using QuickSight embedded analytics tools?

Here are some primary benefits of using QuickSight AWS solutions:

  • Store and access all your data in one place
  • Leverage 3rd party clouds
  • Scale data exploration in minutes
  • Merge data from multiple sources

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