Who is this for?

  • Executive Leadership: C-suite executives of life science organizations, including biopharmaceutical, medical devices & diagnostics, and healthcare.
  • Data and Analytics Professionals: Analysts, analytics leaders and IT professionals across all functions within life science companies.
  • Business Leadership: Leaders in various business functions within life science organizations.
  • Investors in Life Sciences: Professionals engaged in life science investments.
  • Technology and Innovation: Executives and professionals from life science technology and Health Tech companies.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Specialists: Experts in regulatory affairs and compliance within the life sciences industry.

How will this benefit your organization?

  • Develop strategic roadmap of Generative AI solutions for your organization.
  • Assess, prioritize and sequence Generative AI use cases using the framework that considers their outcome, value and feasibility.
  • Align and optimize Generative AI to your overall business needs with proper investments and resource planning.
  • Identify opportunities for reusing solutions across functions, thus enhancing productivity.
  • Foster deep expertise and understanding in areas of greatest business value.

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Authored by:

Dr. Amar Drawid
Chief AI & Business Consulting officer
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