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Simplify Data Integration and ETL Migration with AWS Glue Service

Agilisium leverages AWS Glue to perform faster ETL migration and substantially reduce migration costs for a major US mechanical construction company.
AWS Glue, ETL Migration, ETL, Big Data, Data & Analytics, AWS, Cloud Migration
who should attend
Technical leadership – CTO, CIO, CDO, ELT Technical Leaders, Head of Data Engineering, Engineering Manager, Data Experts (Data Architect, Enterprise Architect)

Why Join?

This webinar will help you learn about ETL tool & migration challenges, along with how to migrate to AWS Glue and the options available to modernize your ETL pipelines

In addition, we will:

  • Discuss AWS Glue Key Components & Top Use Cases
  • Detailed Case Study in Construction Industry for ETL Migration with AWS Glue
  • Why Customer Choose AWS Glue
  • How we used AWS Glue service to have a centralized data repository for enterprise data.

Agilisium is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and among the First Global AWS Glue Delivery implementation partner for AWS customers. We offer an exclusive Virtual workshop for your data engineers and ETL developers who can visually create, run, analyse & monitor ETL workflows with a few clicks in AWS Glue Studio. To learn more please contact sales@agilisium.com

Our speakers
Rajesh Natarajan
Principle Architect Cloud & Big Data, Agilisium
Sanoj Abe Samuel
Director of Sales & Strategic Accounts, Agilisium
Vitor Freitas
Partner Solutions Architect & Analytics Specialist, AWS

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