[Recorded Webinar]

Jumpstart your Embedded Analytics journey

Learn how Agilisium helped an Entertainment giant offer superior customer experience through embedded analytics (Amazon QuickSight)

This webinar is the perfect way to start your journey in Embedded Analytics and discover the value of embedding reporting and analytics directly into your applications, products, or web portals. Learn from AWS and Agilisium on how they helped customers unravel the many benefits of embedded analytics such as data monetization, top-notch customer experience, improved employee productivity and more.

In the Webinar you will learn

  • Why Embedded Analytics? Build Vs Buy
  • Why Amazon QuickSight – the ideal candidate?
  • A detailed case study for an Entertainment company
  • Live Q&A with Embedded Analytics experts


Neal Cauley

Senior WW GTM Leader – Amazon QuickSight

Anush Iyer

VP – Sales & Customer Success – Agilisium

Rohit Kumar

Specialist – BI & Analytics – Agilisium


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