[AWS Immersion Day Workshop]

Embedded Analytics With Amazon QuickSight – Personalized Workshop

A hands-on customer workshop to help customers get a live experience of Embedded Analytics. This is not a 1-way teaching session but a 2- way interactive one.

6 hours | On-site/In-Person or Virtual | 8+ Attendees

Prior to workshop we will give you a form to fill in details to provide us the use case and specific goals you may want to accomplish with Embedded Analytics. And during this workshop, our Embedded Analytics experts will deliver a live experience of the solution with a sample data and application provided by you.

In this workshop you will walk away with

  • A visual experience of one Embedded Analytics use case in your environment
  • Hands-on training – Architecture, Data Viz & Pipelines, API Integration, Security & more
  • Embedding Strategy & blueprint for implementation & deployment
  • Use cases for data monetization, customer experience, productivity & more

Complete the following form and a member of our team will be in touch regarding next steps