Unlocking the Complexity of Disease with Transomics and AI

April 16, 2024
40 mins listen

A compelling exploration of transomics and AI in drug discovery with Pepper Bio’s CSO, Dr. Samantha Dale Strasser, on the Life Sciences DNA Podcast. Delve into the challenges and strategies in tackling intractable diseases, the integration of omics data, and the journey towards revolutionary patient outcomes with hosts Daniel Levine and Dr. Amar Drawid. Discover how Pepper Bio's cutting-edge approach could redefine the future of treatment.


  •  Discussion on the challenges of transomics in disease study and the significance of quality data in distinguishing viable signals from biological "noise."
  •  Insight into the role of transomics in offering a multi-layered analysis of diseases, which could potentially lead to identifying novel targets for difficult-to-treat conditions.
  • Addresses the need for quality data in AI-driven research, emphasizing Pepper Bio's success in identifying viable drug targets with a high rate of in vivo validation.

About the Host

Dr. Amar Drawid
Chief AI & Business Consulting officer
Dr. Amar Drawid, an industry veteran who has worked in data science leadership with top biopharmaceutical companies. He explores the evolving use of AI and data science with innovators working to reshape all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry from the way new therapeutics are discovered to how they are marketed.

About the Guest/Speaker

Dr. Samantha Dale Strasser
Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Pepper Bio.
Dr. Samantha Dale Strasser, the visionary co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Pepper Bio, who is pioneering the frontiers of transomics drug discovery. An esteemed NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Churchill Scholar, and Goldwater Scholar, her academic prowess was honed at MIT, where she excelled in electrical engineering, computer science, and biological engineering. Her innovative work at Pepper Bio is steering the company towards groundbreaking advancements in understanding complex diseases and transforming AI's role in early-stage drug discovery.

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