Pioneering Data-Driven Growth in Behavioral Health at Holmusk

May 10, 2024
58 minutes

Behavioral health has traditionally been behind in adopting precision medicine, largely due to the scarcity of robust evidence needed for informed decision-making. At Holmusk, we are addressing this challenge by leveraging AI and real-world data to revolutionize mental health care. Eze Abosi, our Chief Growth Officer, joins Amar Drawid to explore the importance of developing standardized methods for assessing symptoms in behavioral health. During their discussion, they delve into how Holmusk is generating crucial evidence that supports the development of new treatments, the functionality of its platform technology, and Eze's vision for advancing precision medicine in mental health care.

About the Host

Dr. Amar Drawid
Chief AI & Business Consulting officer
Dr. Amar Drawid, an industry veteran who has worked in data science leadership with top biopharmaceutical companies. He explores the evolving use of AI and data science with innovators working to reshape all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry from the way new therapeutics are discovered to how they are marketed.

About the Guest/Speaker

Eze Abosi
Chief Growth Officer, Holmusk
Eze Abosi is the Chief Growth Officer at Holmusk, a company dedicated to transforming healthcare through real-world data, especially in behavioral health. With nearly two decades of experience in commercializing data, analytics, and consulting solutions for the life sciences industry, Eze has held key roles at companies like Optum Life Sciences, Decision Resources Group, and OptimizeRx. His expertise is in leveraging data analytics and AI to advance mental health treatment and improve patient outcomes.

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