Decoding the Immune System to Optimize Immunotherapies

June 3, 2024
59 minutes

Noam Solomon, co-founder and CEO of Immunai, sits down with Amar Drawid to discuss how the company is using machine learning to take a multi-omics approach to understanding the complexities of the immune system, how it is constructing an atlas of immune cells, and how it is leveraging this to develop the next generation of immunomodulatory drugs.


  • Innovative Integration of AI: Noam Solomon discusses how Immunai integrates artificial intelligence with immunology to revolutionize immunomodulatory drug development.
  • Deep Dive into Immune Profiling: Explore how Immunai uses cutting-edge single-cell technologies to deeply analyze the immune response, enhancing precision in treatment strategies.
  • Personalized Medicine: Learn about Immunai's approach to developing personalized treatments based on detailed immune system profiling, aiming to drastically improve patient outcomes.
  • Future of Immunotherapies: Gain insights into the future of immunotherapies as Solomon shares how Immunai's advanced data analytics are paving the way for next-generation treatments.

About the Host

Dr. Amar Drawid
Chief AI & Business Consulting officer
Dr. Amar Drawid, an industry veteran who has worked in data science leadership with top biopharmaceutical companies. He explores the evolving use of AI and data science with innovators working to reshape all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry from the way new therapeutics are discovered to how they are marketed.

About the Guest/Speaker

Dr. Noam Solomon
Co-founder and CEO of Immunai
Dr. Noam Solomon is the co-founder and CEO of Immunai, where he combines his expertise in mathematics, computer science, and postdoctoral research from MIT and Harvard with cutting-edge AI to revolutionize immunotherapy. Under his leadership, Immunai is pioneering the development of next-generation therapies by leveraging a deep understanding of the immune system to create more effective and personalized treatments.

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