Big Data Engineering

There is an increased realization that Big data is a source of unidentified competitive advantage, and data democratization is the key to unearth one. To unlock intrinsic value of data and build a competitive advantage, data citizens should be able to query data and extract timely insights directly, with nominal IT support. Enterprises need a cost-effective, multitenant, governed, and agile data foundation, to make self-service analytics a reality.

Building such a data foundation involves cultural and technical challenges. An enterprise-wide shift in mindset driven by top management is imperative to solve cultural challenges. Enterprises should follow a phased approach to solve technical challenges, and advance in their ‘Explore’ to ‘Elysium’ journey. Elysium is the final phase of Agilisium’s data-driven enterprise maturity model, where a confluence of broad-based governed data access and self-service analytics empowers everyone in the organization to make everyday data-driven business decisions quickly and cost-effectively, without the need of IT.

Agilisium hand-holds enterprises in their ‘Explore’ to ‘Elysium’ journey. We leverage cloud-based scale-out architecture and parallel processing, to build a multitenant, governed, and agile data foundation that dramatically increases storage capacity and processing speed, at reduced costs.  While our metadata-based data ingestion eases data discovery and opens up big data for a lot more use cases, our cloud-based approach democratizes infrastructure provisioning, to enable true self-service analytics.



Case Study
Corsair optimizes supply chain with increased data insights and reduced costs
Case Study
U.S media conglomerate shifts from instincts-driven to insights-driven decision making
Corsair optimizes supply chain with increased data insights and reduced costs
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U.S biopharma giant gains synchronized market view to edge out competition