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DevOps solutions for high-velocity businesses.

With Agilisium, get it right, the first time.

Outcome-based DevOps
solutions that work
right out the gate.

The traditional application development approach cannot meet the high-velocity business needs of today.

Products can lose relevancy in a few weeks. Customers demand constant, high-quality improvements. Done right, implementing DevOps can help businesses be responsive, deliver reliable products and scale rapidly.

So, what is DevOps? Simply put, DevOps is breaking walls that exist between Development and Operations in the traditional SDLC. Applying DevOps, on the other hand, is a very nuanced endeavor. There is no one set way to “do” DevOps. Tooling and automation are just one of its many components. Change is hard – astronomical increase in the pace of delivery, not accounting for security and compliance – there are many ways that a business looking to leverage DevOps could trip up.

Fortunately, Agilisium is here to help. Outcome-based, custom-built DevOps solutions are delivered; powered by deep expertise in DevOps thinking and AWS tools. We get DevOps done right, the first time.

Our Capabilities

Advanced Consulting Partner (ACP) status with AWS, 400-person hours of DevOps expertise and 30+ experts, power Agilisium’s deep DevOps competencies to deliver custom, robust and scalable DevOps solutions to clients.

  • Outcome-based DevOps solutions

    We start with the why. DevOps is not just about achieving velocity. Agilisium’s outcome-based solutions ensure that whatever your goal, the solution works to fulfill it.

  • Deep expertise in AWS DevOps services

    As an ACP with AWS, early access to tools and services allow us to experiment and test the limits of DevOps offerings, passing on the value-adds to clients.

  • Change management that sticks

    Organizational change is hard, but not impossible. Agilisium’s attention to this oft-overlooked detail ensures that DevOps becomes part of the business’s DNA.

  • Early adopters of DevSecOps

    Security, governance, compliance are not afterthoughts. They are accounted for every step of the way to give your business rock solid outcomes.

Whatever the stage in your DevOps journey – starting out or optimization to meet new business needs, we have a solution.

Agilisium’s DevOps solutions have enabled on average 85% reduced TTM*

Case Study

DevOps Automation reduces TAT of Manufacturing company by 85%


An established chip and components manufacturer company, specializing in IC Packaging, System Design and Services, wanted to implement end-to-end DevOps methodology for their product releases. Their product - a proprietary software tool suite used for electronic design automation, to create schematics for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Challenges Faced

Software building and release process was manual, error prone and time consuming. Scheduled software updates & Windows OS patches involved hands offs between multiple teams. Deployment onto 4-5 servers took 3-4 hours & patching required a minimum downtime of 4-5 hours per schedule. This led to difficulty in scaling deployment. In addition, there were secured connectivity issues between Windows OS and RDS Instances


Leveraged key DevOps practices to arrive at a robust and scalable solution with an emphasis on automation. The entire Development and Operations output was delivered using CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management and Migration Support.

AWS services leveraged: CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CloudFormation, System Managers, EC2.

  • 3-tier (Web, Application and Database) complete application deployment onto AWS Cloud
  • Amazon RDS to help the organization to operate and scale its database deployments
  • Live patching of instances using AWS Systems Manager, Maintenance Windows and Patch Baseline.
  • Implementation of Golden AMI patching using automation in the AWS Systems Manager.
  • CFN signaling implementation to trigger the CFT processes, after AD joining
  • Lambda functions to monitor the Windows restart services post RDS instances maintenance, to increase the EBS volume size based on the threshold limits.

Results and Benefits
  • 80-85%

    reduction in Application Release Deployment, facilitating quicker Time to Market.

  • 60-70%

    reduction in patch time

  • 95%

    reduction in time spent on administration and maintenance task

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