Unify Data Science and Data Engineering
with Databricks
Enrich your Business Insights.
Empower productive Data Science at Scale.

With Databricks’ interactive workspace, collaboration between Data Engineers, Scientists and Analysts has never been easier.

With Databricks, achieve –
10 to 100x performance gains,
20-30% rapid deployment,
20% more stabilization effectivity.

Having been called “A visionary for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms” by Gartner in 2018 and 2019, Databricks aims to make analytics the bridge between Data Engineering and Data Science.

Databricks is a one-of-a-kind Unified Analytics Platform, built on top of Apache Spark, that brings together data processing and machine learning in a single collaborative effort. Propelled by a fast and powerful runtime environment, this platform helps automate complex data pipelines and provides auto-scaling for big data clusters.

With the latest release of Delta Lake, a reliable storage layer for your data lakes, Delta allows for ACID transactions, harnessing more data from more sources in less time, helping organizations outperform their peers.

Agilisium, being a Premier Consulting Partner with Databricks, works towards empowering organizations with effective Data Engineering and Data Science strategies in order to convert their data into useful insights.

The Partnership Story

As a Premier Consulting Partner, Agilisium looks to help customers utilize Databricks’ features to go from data integration to analytics, at reduced operational complexity. Leveraging the AWS platform, Agilisium is focused on developing industry specific solutions and migration frameworks, which eliminate redundant stages during data integration, thereby accelerating innovative pipelines.

  • Joint GTM

    Explore industry specific enablers

    M&E: Viewership analytics,
    Content Recommendations
    HLS: Sales Allocation,
    Predictive Sales

  • Preferred Adoption Partner

    Ready to deploy jumpstarts and customized solution offerings

    20% of global Databricks certified consultants

  • Technology Acceleration Partner

    Streamlined workflows resulting in faster time to market

    Data Migration and Quality Frameworks - Move from Legacy to Databricks in half the time

Our Capabilities

A well-recognized player in the Big Data and Cloud domain, Agilisium brings in more than 50 plus talented minds, to utilize the best of Databricks offerings and maximize data management returns.

With more than 10 successful global implementation projects across diverse domains, you do not have to look further than us for dealing with your data with Databricks.

  • Smart Onboarding

    Package service offerings including discovery workshops, production readiness, pilot initiatives, legacy migration and performance optimization

  • Intelligent Customised Approach

    Flexible and scalable AWS-Databricks architectures with industry specific accelerator solutions, managed cloud services, Data Science and DevOps capabilities

  • Efficient Implementation

    Efficiently address the business problem, simplifying data engineering processes, aiming to reduce resource requirement and implementation time


Looking for easier ways to monetize data at optimal costs for a well-defined time frame? Want to take your Business Analytics up a notch?

Our jumpstart packages are here to help! Agilisium’s custom designed packages ease the technology transition and reduce implementation time, requiring lesser resources and helping derive insights faster.

  • Data Consulting in 4 weeks

    Lay the roadmap of Enterprise Data Platform, with 1 week pro-bono discovery workshop.

  • HLS Pilot in 5 weeks

    Accelerate the solution initiative, resulting in efficient Predictive Sales.

  • Migration Readiness in 5 weeks

    Move from Legacy to Databricks two times faster.

Featured Work
Upgrading to Databricks Delta helps a Pharma major streamline Sales planning and forecasting
Our client, a Biotechnology and Life Sciences major, needed to revamp their existing data solution as the sales allocation efficiency achieved was not satisfactory. Agilisium designed a high-performance system using Databricks Delta, which gave significant benefits for the customer.


We are extremely impressed with Agilisium’s ability to innovatively use Databricks to solve customer challenges by producing Healthcare-Life Sciences focused solutions.

As a preferred GTM partner, Agilisium works closely with Databricks to increase adoption, thereby helping customers realize the value Databricks brings to their tech stack.

Bavesh Patel – Vice President, Sales Go-To-Market & Industry Solutions, Databricks Inc