5 benefits of Cloud migration and how it makes a CIO’s life easier

In recent years, the cloud has become something of a buzzword in technology circles but that doesn’t mean it’s a passing fad with limited benefits. In fact, migrating to the cloud could vastly improve capabilities and the day to day running of a business and even make the life of a chief information officer (CIO) that bit easier.
If you’re responsible for your company’s information technology and computer systems here are just 5 reasons you should be considering cloud adoption and integrating the network solution into your operations.

1.Cut your costs

Budget constraints are present in the majority of businesses and no department it left unaffected. While migrating to the cloud means an initial cost it can vastly lower outgoings in the long run. You’ll need less physical hardware and in turn cut costs in maintenance, upgrades, and more. It can free up the funding you need for other projects and ensure you remain on budget.

2.Promote collaboration

This rise of remote working, partnerships, and multi-department projects means that facilitating collaboration can have a hugely positive affect on businesses.The cloud means that multiple users can access and work on the same document. The flexibility the cloud can offer is an increasingly sought after element that businesses are eager to reap the benefits of.

3.Disaster recovery

Working with tech can have lots of benefits but sometimes it can go wrong.Working in the tech department means you’re likely to come across the need for disaster recovery once in a while. You can use the cloud to back-up your data and documents, either automatically or manually, to ensure files are recoverable.

4.Make management easier

IT management can be complex but migrating to the cloud can make it easier by simplifying the process. Your IT and computing needs can be accessed through a simple user interface that you can rely on when you use the cloud, giving you a central point to access and manage all the areas you need to.

5.Boost security and control

If your business is large and operates with a number of different partners, documents control and security are no doubt issues. Cloud computing can give you added security, such as cutting the risk of losing sensitive information if a member of staff loses their laptop, for instance, and fully controlling who has access to information.