IT Innovator AgileISS Announces Name Change as Part of Corporate Rebrand

LOS ANGELES, DEC 07, 2016 : Leading IT systems integrator, AgileISS has announced a name change as part of its rebranding initiative: reintroducing Agilisium.

The company is one of a select few to be a Certified Service Partner of the three biggest cloud and data providers in its region. It specializes in serving large to midsize enterprise organizations across multiple industry sectors. The company offers IT services including cloud transformation and migration, Data Lake, Big data & BI. The rebranding initiative was undertaken by the management to align the company’s brand position with a futuristic view, something the new name aims to capture.

At the same time, Agilisium has also unveiled a new brand identity. As a part of the new identity, the website is being redesigned with a greater focus on user experience. Agilisium has invested in using the latest technologies to create quality IT solutions, and the new identity aims to reflect this. Despite the cosmetic changes, the dedicated ownership and skilled workforce of Agilisium remains the same.

Raj Babu, CEO of Agilisium said, “As part of our greater focus on innovation, usage of new technologies and expansion of our development center, our leadership team believes it is appropriate to rebrand our company to more specifically reflect what we do and what we stand for. The new name ‘Agilisium’ reflects exactly who we are – a group of people with advanced technical capabilities doing what we do best. A new logo and marketing message has been designed to be unveiled along with the new name.”

Agilisium is excited about the fresh outlook the new name brings to the organization. It is hoped that the changes will allow the brand to leverage its abilities better with prospective customers, whilst capitalizing on the old AgileISS’ marketing resources. This forward-thinking approach is designed to put the company in the best possible position for a record-breaking 2017 and beyond.