Big Data Day, LA 2017

Agilisium Is Proud To Participate In Big Data Day LA

Join us and learn how Organizations can leverage Data Lake to make informed business decisions

Over the last decade, businesses have grown at an exponential pace which in turn has resulted in huge volumes of data. It’s become inevitable to gain unprecedented volumes of digital exabytes. Most of this data is under-utilized and managing them becomes a serious challenge. Businesses can leverage Amazon Redshift Spectrum to query vast amounts of unstructured data on Data Lake to gain meaningful insights and make informed business decisions.

In this upcoming conference, Speaker Mike Limcaco, CTO, Agilisium gives insights on reference architecture patterns based on Amazon Redshift Spectrum, a new technology that enables to run the MPP Warehouse SQL queries against exabytes of data in a backing object store. It also enables customers to extend the analytic reach of their SQL interactions and push beyond data stored on local disks in the data warehouse.  This helps them to query vast amounts of unstructured data in the Amazon S3 Data Lake, without having to load or transform any data.

Topic: Extending analytic reach from the warehouse to the Data Lake

Speaker Profile:

Mike Limcaco, CTO, Agilisium

Mike is sr. technologist with significant leadership experience in the rapid design, integration & operation of large-scale cloud computing projects. He has a proven track record for initiating, building and managing mission-critical technology initiatives (web, mobile, big data, IoT, predictive analytics) from small startups to Fortune 500 enterprise customers.