How Cloud computing is relevant for business transformation?

The world moves faster than the speed of light and It’s important not to be outdone by the latest trends and emerging technologies. Today, we talk often about cloud computing and everything that seems to be connected by it. Cloud drives a competitive advantage for organizations seeking to improve decision-making and enhance customer relationships. In the case of media and entertainment industry, organizations require a huge space on the cloud to transfer and store voluminous data (generated via business transactions).

By far, the biggest recent challenge for the M&E Industry is to rebuild its entire business process and systems in a cost-effective way to deal with its ‘Digital Disruption’ and impacts (as listed below):

  • Significant shift in consumer consumption medium and behavior (from Physical Tape/ CD/DVD to downloads/subscription).
  • Explosion in content distribution formats (from few to multiple).
  • Global market for media consumption gone up by 10X in size(countries).
  • Content distribution channels and partners have also grown 10X times.
  • Significant increase in transaction volume (millions in physical to billions in digital).
  • Significant drop in price per transaction.

We helped a client (who is a M&E leader) deal with this ‘disruption’ by building a scalable, cloud based ETL system using Amazon Web Services(AWS). They wanted a large server setup (to process 400 million records at a time) to scale-up with the growing data volume. Agilisium’s team of professionals deployed our home-grown Cloud practices and brought into action, a solution that replaced the existing system (monolithic ETL). The M&E leader benefitted largely with improved business efficiency, client experience and responsiveness to change.

If your business seems to be in the same situation, our Amazon Redshift Test Drive might be the start you need. Our Test Drive offers you a sample of how smooth and comfortable the journey to Cloud could be. Being a pioneer in the field of cloud-based services, we are just an email ([email protected]) away from answering all your doubts towards cloud transformation.