8 Reasons Why AWS is the Right Choice of Cloud Platform for Your Business

Cloud computing providers are striving to meet the ever-increasing computing needs worldwide. And the race to the top has narrowed down to three gigantic horses: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Computing (GCP). While all of these have their pros and cons, AWS wins clearly in the most crucial areas.

AWS has continued to accumulate the most experience for almost 15 years now. Read on to understand why this delivers the best cloud computing experience.

1. Establishment

Unlike its competitors, AWS is the oldest player that has cemented its experience in the cloud computing industry. Upon its launch in 2006, it began offering Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3), Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), and other solutions. 2009 saw more services joining the AWS offerings, including Content Delivery Network (CDN), Amazon CloudFront, and Elastic Block Store (EBS).

Azure and GCP came into business later: 2010 and 2011, respectively. So they’re still gaining experience.

2. Availability Zones

Being the earliest bird in the game means AWS has had more time to expand its zones. So wherever you are, the probability that AWS is hosting in your region is high.

AWS currently boasts 66 availability regions, and they’re planning to cover 12 more locations. Azure follows with 54, and then GCP closes with 20 regions.

3. Market Shares

AWS has also been a top leader in the cloud market ever since its launch. Canalys reported that the market went up 32% to USD 39.9 billion as of February 2021. AWS took the lead at 31% of the market, then Azure at 20%, and GCP sat at 7%.

AWS also serves flagship businesses such as BMW, Zynga, Samsung, MI, Unilever, Airbnb, and Netflix. For such well-known customers to trust this provider, it means they’ve found its services to be top-notch.

According to Bezos, the seven-year head start gave AWS an advantage over the latecomers. So customers are continuing to enjoy the most evolved and robust features plus immense community support.

4. Ease of Use

Upon registering to AWS, you get access to their AWS Management Console, a highly user-friendly interface. This server interface presents a plethora of services and applications that every business needs.

Whether you’re looking to migrate your software, deploy your SaaS, or host your website, you don’t need to have incredible IT skills. You can also get access to well-documented web services APIs to help you find your way through the system seamlessly.

On the other hand, GCP’s highly automated, proprietary, and abstracted infrastructure sometimes gives enterprises a headache. And according to Nigel Frank, Azure’s environment is a bit challenging when it comes to operating your resources. Their foundation still needs more work, including developing guidelines to guide users in fundamental principles.

5. Pricing

AWS often turns out to be the friendliest vendor pocket-wise in the market. As said earlier, it has been in existence long enough to command a significant market share, allowing it to enjoy a large scale of business. So, providing their services at more affordable prices is easy for them.

Having cemented their position in the market, they’re undoubtedly excellent at attracting more business. This capability means AWS can bring in more revenue than GCP and Azure and comfortably reinvest a significant portion back into the cloud to provide more robust services at affordable fees.

AWS can also afford to provide a more flexible pricing structure than Azure, and there’s a chance to save more money if your usage goes up. As you use their services more, the charges tend to go down. You can purchase AWS instances using these pricing models:

  • Reserved instances: charges an upfront fee depending on usage. You can reserve an instance for one to three years
  • On-demand instances: no upfront cost, just fees for what you use
  • Spot instances: depending on the availability of capacity, you can bid for extra capacity

While Google tries to win customers through deep discounts, the cheap services are not as robust as those of AWS. And since you want to entrust your sensitive resources to an affordable yet experienced provider, it makes sense to go with AWS.

6. Services and Features

Being an industry player for more years than its competitors, AWS has evolved its offerings to include more services. And they are by far the most functionality-rich in the industry, thanks to the robust experience.

AWS provides 200+ services, while Azure offers 100+ services. GCP follows behind with only around 60 services.

7. Security

As the most dominant and mature provider, AWS has witnessed many hackers’ tactics, every time acting swiftly to stay ahead of them. This experience has resulted in excellent security tooling and knowledge resources for its customers.

Also, the AWS platform has built and cemented its scope and maturity over time, allowing users to focus on their business and leave the security part to the company. The platform also provides the ability to default to secure configurations. For instance, when you deploy an instance onto a virtual network, network access restrictions come into play.

It avails most crucial security functionalities, including security event triggers, API activity monitoring, WAF, threat Intel, vulnerability assessment, and many others. The granular IAM and security groups (firewalls) are some of the features that make it stand out from the pack.

On the contrary, Azure doesn’t have consistency, and its security documentation is still wanting. And its services often don’t default to secure configurations. GCP is equally disappointing as it’s still gaining experience in this crucial world of cybersecurity.

8. Reliability

AWS also wins the game hands down here, having maintained uninterrupted operation without outage for more than four years straight. Both GCP and Azure recently experienced outages, so you will want to remember this before going with these solutions.

AWS’s last outage incident was in February 2017, while Azure went down in May 2019. GCP also had a significant outage in November 2019. Gartner’s comprehensive cloud provider research confirms AWS’s reliability.

Wrapping Up

The urgency to migrate to the cloud continues to dial up. But you now don’t have to get stuck in a decision-making rut regarding choosing the best cloud computing solution. Choose AWS to enjoy its expertise and experience built over the years.

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