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AWS S3 – Alation Bridge

Though in an evolving phase, Data Catalogs have already taken the center stage in many industries for organizing data assets. But the existing capabilities of Data Catalog applications can only solve limited enterprise data challenges. To solve specific organizational data challenges, developing a customized solution becomes inevitable, especially for enterprises with skewed needs.

This white paper presents one such customization that Agilisium developed for Alation to access AWS S3 data. S3 being the foundation for Data Lake solution that is increasingly adopted by many organizations, a technical limitation to read and catalog S3 data can be a giant loss of opportunity for organizations wanting to migrate towards S3 Data Lake.

Download this white paper to know how Agilisium can help enterprises that plan to build S3 Data Lake with Alation interface to take the real Data-to-insights-Leap.

AWS S3 – Alation Bridge

Extract Goldmines of Insights from Diverse Data Sources