Leveraging Data Analytics to Enhance Biopharma Sales

February 24, 2024
40 minutes listen

Data analytics has evolved significantly in the pharmaceutical industry, providing sales professionals with better insights and decision-making capabilities. On this episode, Dr. Amar Drawid sits down with 40-year biopharmaceutical industry veteran Jonathan Blutfield, principal consultant with TriRadial Solutions, to discuss the evolution of data analytics for commercial teams, how sales reps play a vital role in personalizing interactions with healthcare professionals, and how companies can enhance the effectiveness of data analytics tools and integrate them into their sales strategies.


  • How has the utilization of data analytics evolved in recent years?
  • What are the advantages of sales representatives leveraging AI?
  • What are the primary data hurdles confronting sales reps today?

About the Host

Dr. Amar Drawid
Chief AI & Business Consulting officer
Dr. Amar Drawid, an industry veteran who has worked in data science leadership with top biopharmaceutical companies. He explores the evolving use of AI and data science with innovators working to reshape all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry from the way new therapeutics are discovered to how they are marketed.

About the Guest/Speaker

Jonathan Blutfield
Principal Consultant: TriRadial Solutions
Jonathan is a seasoned biopharma professional with a career spanning over 40 years in the industry with leadership roles in marketing, sales, business operations. After retiring from a long career at Novartis, he set up a consultancy practice that's focused on driving competitive industries, a competitive business, and impact through evolution of customer engagement models that integrate brand strategy tactics with traditional and digital field execution.

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