Windows on AWS

Windows Workload Migration -
Seamlessly Migrate your Windows
Workloads to AWS


Manage your Windows workloads effectively on AWS Cloud, and get the best-in-class security, scalability, cost of ownership, reliability, and development tools. Also, you don’t have to worry about licensing as AWS supports BYOL (Bring Your Own License).

AWS has been successfully migrating Windows workloads to AWS for decades now. You can also take advantage of Agilisium’s Windows Optimization & Licensing Assessment offer to get started on your migration journey. Agilisium, being a Service Delivery Partner for AWS, have helped businesses migrate thousands of Windows servers to AWS effectively.

Why Choose AWS Cloud to Manage Windows Workloads?

  • Greater reliability and faster performance

  • Leverage efficient AWS services for Windows workloads

  • Lower costs

  • Increase security

Our Capabilities

  • Adopt

    • Discovery & Assessment
    • Migration Readiness Assessment
    • Gap Analysis
    • Future State Architecture
  • Transform

    • Greenfield Deployment
    • Migrating .NET applications to AWS
    • SQL Server Databases to AWS
    • Migrating SharePoint, Skype, Exchange on AWS
  • Optimize

    • Cost Optimization Strategies
    • Performance Optimization
    • Post Migration Optimization
  • Manage

    • 24/7 Support & Incident Remediation
    • Guidance on upgrading to a new release
    • Fully Managed Infrastructure
    • Periodic Security & Compliance Audits
    • Monitoring & Reporting

Agilisium Advantage

  • AWS Centricity

    Born in Cloud and earned accreditations across different AWS services with overall expertise of about 8+ years

  • Database Migration Experience

    15+ PB data migrated to AWS and managed till date through successful Big Data Analytics Projects

  • AWS Competency

    AWS Service delivery partner for Amazon EC2 for Windows Server and Advanced Consulting Partner for Data & Analytics competency

  • Proven Accelerators

    20+ PB Assessment & Migration Toolkits to de-risk and accelerate the migration of your windows workload to AWS Cloud

  • Large Talent

    105+ Certified Big Data Analytics Experts

Would you like to save more than 50% in your licensing costs? Get started with Agilisium’s Windows Optimization and Licensing Assessment offer



Modernize your Business by Migrating your Windows Workloads to AWS
Microsoft SQL server analytics workload migration to AWS for a leading Retail company
Windows application and database migration from datacenter to AWS for a leading Music company
  • Agilisium’s AWS Big Data solution enables speed of thought insights for Universal Music Group
  • Corsair optimizes supply chain with increased data insights and reduced costs
  • Helping RSAC, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company take the Data to Insight leap
  • Leveraging AWS Redshift makes analytics-at-pace a reality for Universal Music Group
  • Stabilizing Technology Stack of a Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Using Self Service Analytics for Insight driven Decisions and Targeted Marketing for a US Media Company
  • Niche solutioning: Unified Data Analytics & Machine Learning architecture for Gaming Analytics
  • Effective Graphical Reports of Royalty Payments for a Global Music Corporation
  • Accelerated Migration from SQL to Amazon Redshift
  • Faster recommendations on streaming app at low cost on Redshift for M&E conglomerate
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