SnapLogic Accelerator

SnapLogic Accelerator
Migration from Legacy to Cloud Data Integration, Now easier Done than Said.

With Agilisium’s SnapLogic Migration Accelerator,
Get. Set. SnapAhead!

SnapAhead reduces
migration effort from
‘Legacy to SnapLogic
Pipelines’ by 25% and
cost up to 30%.

Traditional Data Integration tools are a liability in the age of Cloud & Big Data.

Legacy data integration tools, in spite of their evolution for cloud, are handicapped by an architecture that was built for on-premises data. Organizations who are constrained by such tools face massive delays in cloud adoption, further delaying their ability to derive insights from data.

Cloud-first data integration tools such as SnapLogic offer businesses all the advantages of a cloud native application, while providing connectors to integrate “data, apps, APIs and things” , at the fraction of the cost of traditional integration tools.

Agilisium’s SnapAhead helps such organizations accelerate their cloud journey, by simplifying the migration process from ‘on-prem legacy ETL code to cloud-based SnapLogic Pipelines’.

SnapAhead – SnapLogic Accelerator

Solution Features

In line with Agilisium’s commitment to help organizations take the Data-to-Insight Leap, the SnapAhead Migration Accelerator is designed to simplify and reduce the effort involved in the migration process. Now convert Legacy mappings to SnapLogic compliant pipelines in a single click, without the need for any additional resources to run the accelerator. Features include:

  • Metadata Conversion

    Legacy Object (XML) mapping metadata to SL (JSON) pipeline

  • Data Dictionary

    Robust framework to map Snaps

  • Serverless Orchestration

    Integrated trigger using AWS Lambda

  • UI Rendering

    Snap positioning in the SnapLogic designer.

  • Auto Configure Snap Properties

    Reads Legacy object properties and auto configures them into the snaps

  • Predefined Logical Structures

    Alignment to SnapLogic design standards (Many- to-one input auto-converted to one-to-one inputs)

Reference Architecture


  • One-click deployment of SnapLogic pipelines

  • Customizable templates for frequently used Snaps

  • Best-fit code conversion quality

  • Quantifiable Reduction in Effort and Cost of Migration*

* For effort involving 500 ETL tasks, with 6 resources and 6-8 months, SnapAhead can reduce effort by 25% and cost up to 30%

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