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Future Proofing your IT landscape is a Myth. Incessant Innovation is the only way out!
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Digital! It’s here to stay. But the technology landscape that is powering it is continuously changing, making it an elusive goal to become a truly digital business.

At Agilisium, we incessantly innovate on behalf of our clients, forming new strategic partnerships and alliances and improving our Cloud, Data & Insights capabilities to keep you in the forefront of digital business.

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With specialization in AWS, Agilisium offers its customers a range of technology services based on their business needs. Here is a snapshot of these services.

As an advanced consulting partner with AWS, we receive priority access to AWS products and services. With our hyper-focus on cloud-based Big data and analytics, we are the only SoCal player with AWS certifications in Big Data, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon EMR capabilities. As AWS adds new services, our repertoire expands to include expertise and certifications in these newer areas.

At Agilisium, pushing the limits and forging paths to new arenas is a way of life. A dedicated Innovation Lab and investments in R&D enable in-house experts to work on the cutting edge in ML, NLP, and AI. An Intelligent Conversational Analytics Bot powered by Amazon Lex & NLP, Data Lake Solutions, Image Recognition solution powered by Amazon Rekognition are a few of the exciting outcome of these experiments.

Data strategy is the foundation on which an entire cloud-first organization is built. Adopt, scale or operationalize – whatever the stage in your cloud journey, Agilisium’s unique design-thinking based consulting approach goes beyond stated business needs to identify real business needs. Subsequently, our experts build the plan of action, giving you the best possible competitive advantage.

Agilisium’s experts also guide you through the next stage of your Data to Insight journey – choosing the right technology. We can deliver a customized solution architecture that will work for your unique business needs and is agile enough to scale in the future.

Businesses today lose valuable time figuring out how the various applications that make up their customised cloud solutions will integrate with each other. Despite the variety of data integration tools on the market, identifying the right solution, making sense of their output data and cost effectively connecting them to achieve desired outcomes is a huge challenge.

Agilisium, in partnership with other cloud technology providers and through investments in R&D have custom-built frameworks that enable organizations to make sense of the data faster and achieve high-quality integration in less time.

Businesses now deal with unprecedented amounts of data. They struggle to make sense of it and face difficulty in leveraging what they do collect. Storing the right data, cleaning and preparing it for business applications and enabling access in near real-time is essential for a modern business.

In partnership with industry-leading cloud vendors Agilisium has helped clients in multiple verticals manage petabyte scale data in a variety of cloud environments, enabling businesses to fully reap the benefits of their investment.

Big Data has thrown up interesting questions in Data Governance, that organizations are struggling to solve. Choosing who gets to access the data, what it can be used for, and enabling said access while encouraging innovation and also ensuring data security are just some of these complexities. In short, Data Governance is essential to every organization in the market today.

Agilisium’s purpose-built data governance framework answers these questions and delivers people-first democratic data governance. The detailed framework helps define everything from enterprise-wide data access policies to granular data quality rules.

Agilisium’s commitment is to help organizations take the Data-to-Insight leap. Leveraging the data that the business collects and arriving at Insights that accurately addresses user needs and delivering customer delight is our end goal in the Data Analytics space. Agilisium, along with its partners can leverage advances in AI to deliver sophisticated analytical models.

With investments in Advanced Analytics and AI, Agilisium’s home-grown Accelerators focus on niche offerings such as – Chatbot, Customer Analytics, Media Analytics – creating value through pilots for our clients before being utilized for wider use cases.

How can a business deliver its products faster with lesser resources and yet maintain uncompromising quality? The answer, DevOps. At its simplest, DevOps brings down the wall between development and operations. On application, however, it turns into a nuanced concept. Many organizations run into difficulties when they seek to apply it.

Multiple factors influence the success of any DevOps implementation further making adoption difficult. Our panel of experts delivers robust, custom-built, outcome-based DevOps solutions that just work. Agilisium DevOps implementations have on average delivered an 80% reduction in TAT