Data possibilities – Unlimited!
With Redshift, go deep and wide with Data Management, Query Processing and Analytics.

Unbox the true potential of Enterprise Data with Redshift, and experience BI performance scale to a new high.


Data Efficiency in its Truest Sense

A Cloud-based Data warehouse Service from AWS, Redshift is the most preferred Data warehousing choice amongst Enterprises (Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant).

Redshift’s incredibly fast Data processing capability, using Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) combined with Machine Learning Technology, has truly scaled Data efficiency towards unlimited Data possibilities.

Top Redshift Features

  • No expensive re-writes

    Integrates with most BI tools in the Market

  • Independent & Automated

    No maintenance or dedicated operational engineers required

  • Affordable pricing

    Less than $1000 per Terabyte/year

  • Stretchable & Scalable

    Gigabytes to Petabytes, Exabytes and more

Redshift Advantages

Redshift has made Data Analysis easier and affordable for all Enterprises, in new and innovative ways. With expanding Data volumes ballooning to Yottabytes and Brontobytes, Redshift is ready to dig heavier Data volumes, at blazing speed, for a fraction of the cost.

Cloud-based. Fully Managed. Zero Dependency. Shift To Redshift.

  • Ease of use

    With a blend of features from smooth Data Accessibility, Easy storage, and Seamless Integration, to massive Data Processing, Reduced workloads, and Compatibility with SQL-based Data Structures, Redshifts gives it all.

  • Uber-Fast Processing

    Redshift’s Columnar Database Model provisions rapid data analysis, just as MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) facilitates petabyte-scale Data Analysis, at real-time speed.

  • Secure Configuration & Management

    Client and Server-side encryption for S3 Data, SSL encryption for Data-in-transit, and VPC for Network isolation are strong points for Redshift’s Data Security.

  • Synergized Efficiency

    Amazon’s Parent Ecosystem strengthens Redshift capabilities giving wider Data management options to users like S3 for unstructured data storage, Redshift Spectrum for Exabyte size querying etc.

  • Enhance BI

    Redshift’s efficient Data Compression, Query Optimization, and Data Distribution along with rapid Data loading, Backup and Restoration capabilities, makes Enterprise BI, more efficient by 10X.

  • Cost-Effective

    With two competitive pricing models, Pay-as you-go and Reserved Instance , Redshift offers the flexibility to prioritize OpEx (Operational Expense) or CapEx (Capital Expense), as per Enterprise needs.

Our Redshift Capabilities

Agilisium is the only South California-based AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS Redshift competency, alongside AWS Big Data and AWS EMR (Elastic MapReduce) competencies.

  • Proven Expertise

    800+M Man-Months of experience in Cloud-based EDL and EDW solutions.

  • Certified Talent Pool

    35+ AWS Certified experts in Enterprise-wide Cloud Data & Analytics projects

  • 360˚ AWS approach

    Top-notch industry frameworks, reference architectures and AWS expertise, make us a strong provider of full- circle Redshift service.


Our tailored jumpstart packages can easily fit a variety of Enterprise requirements. Redshift for Petabyte nodes to Exabyte clusters, our jumpstarts can lead the road towards Data Integration / Migration, with ease.
  • Redshift Performance Diagnosis

    Ideal for Enterprise IT teams, run deep Performance Diagnosis on the organization’s Redshift Cluster and logically identify ways to optimize Redshift performance and upgrade speed.

    Duration: 4 weeks.

  • AWS Well-Architected Framework Audit

    Ideal for IT Teams to obtain detailed Audit & Review on existing AWS Solution Architecture and adopt AWS Architecture Best Practices, identify potential risks and achieve compliance.

    Duration: 2 weeks

  • Data Warehouse Modernization – Pilot on Redshift

    Ideal of BU/Engineering/IT Heads to evaluate Redshift Capabilities for their organization, before opting for large scale Cloud-based Data Warehouse initiatives or implementations.

    Duration: 8 – 10 weeks

  • High Performance AWS Cloud- based DWH Evaluation Workshop

    Gain deep understanding towards AWS Redshift competencies and related AWS services on the organization’s Data Warehouse Modernization journey, using Demonstrations & Success Stories.

    Duration: 1 Day Workshop

  • Redshift Test Drive

    Run quick analysis on rapidly expanding Enterprise Data. Assess Amazon Redshift advantages for your organization Data, through Data Ingestion/Reporting.

    Duration: 4 weeks


Implementing Row Level Security & SSO Authentication for a AWS Redshift- Tableau application for Corsair
Corsair optimizes supply chain with increased data insights and reduced costs