Search BI Analytics with Askdata
Flatten the BI tool learning curve,
accessing insights is now easier than ever.

Through Askdata’s AI-powered search,
deliver rapid, eternally improving insights.

With Askdata, insights are just a search away.

Existing BI tools often have a steep learning curve, leading to only a small group of users within an enterprise with access to valuable insights. It is proven that data driven decision making is crucial even at the lowest rungs of an enterprise. So how do we democratize access to data?

Agilisium & Askdata are proud to present the AI-Powered Search Analytics solution to this issue.

Search is a beginner digital skill. Even the least tech savvy user can rapidly grasp how to search for information online. Search BI Analytics enables just that, but with your data.

The Partnership Story

As a Solution Partner, Agilisium is deeply invested in implementing Askdata to help organizations break their data silos and democratize access to their insights. With dedicated resources with specialized knowledge in this area, Agilisium strives to provide the best solutions for customers to make the most out of Askdata.

Our Packages

Askdata product licensing and implementation in one all-inclusive offering!

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