Case Study
Achieving 30-40 % TCO Optimisation while enabling 24X7 uptime for Big Data system maintenance for a leading global pharmaceutical company
“Agilisium architected, designed and delivered an elastically scalable Cloud-based Analytics-ready Big Data solution with AWS S3 Data Lake as the single source of truth”
The client is one of the world’s leading biotechnology company, with presence in 100+ markets globally, was looking for ways to maximize impact of their sales & marketing efforts.

The lack of a single source of truth, quality data and ad hoc manual reporting processes undermined top management’s visibility of integrated insights on sales, sales rep interactions, marketing reach, brand performance, market share, and territory management. Understandably, the client wanted to align information that has hitherto been in silos, to gain a 360-degree product movement view, to optimize sales planning and gain competitive edge.

The Challenge

  • With continued investments in Big Data Analytics technologies that support its business decisions, the client did not have the bandwidth to support day-to-day maintenance of the systems and limited time to focus on strategic initiatives
  • The Big Data Analytics environment is in the process of constant redesign and migration of jobs. The support team must address these changes while stabilizing existing processes and improving performance

Our Solution

  • Multi level support team structure
  • SLAs based support operations
  • Hybrid resource model
  • Optimized solution design
  • Productivity improvements through accelerators
  • Digital Transformation – Cloud based Data lake & Analytical warehouse solution

Tech Facts

Technologies – Redshift, Java, Python, AWS S3, AWS EMR, Qubole

Redshift Cluster details – 6 Node Redshift Cluster , 96 TB Storage, 250+ million records/day

Other facts – 500+ TB Warehouse, 900+ Business users, 1000+ Jobs

Project Execution (ITIL Framework) Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management

Engagement Approach (ITIL Framework) 24X7 Coverage, 3 Shifts roaster, Onsite 2 Offshore 15+, P1 – SLA (15 minutes), Weekend Dedicated + On call Support

How We Worked Together

Post a maturity assessment, Agilisium devised and enacted strong governance frameworks at executive, program and operational levels with scheduled check point review meetings, to close current gaps identified in scope management.

Scrum calls twice daily ensured that application owners were apprised about progress made at operational level. While monthly milestone review meetings aligned priorities at program level, the quarterly executive steering committee meeting clearly set the engagement priorities at executive level.

To ensure a smooth transition of new solutions, a 1-week workshop and demo on S3, Redshift and Tableau were given to the client’s business and technical teams.

Results and Benefits
  • Business Impact – 30-40 % TCO Optimisation
  • Reduced cost and increase coverage
  • Avail of AWS infrastructure in high numbers
  • Implemented information technology infrastructure library(ITIL) framework
  • A single vendor to manage end-to-end infrastructure stack
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)