Case Study
Netezza to Redshift migration assessment shows 5X performance increase to Wellness player


The client is a global nutrition and weight management and direct selling company whose products range from nutritional supplements to body care. They were considering cloud alternatives as their existing DB on IBM Netezza was nearing the end of support. Due to Agilisium’s expertise in EDW modernization, the client tasked us with performing a migration fit assessment from Netezza to Amazon Redshift.


The client’s DB workload volume had increased ten times from the original size leading to degrading reporting performance. As data volumes grew, data models changed and eventually did not align with Netezza’s row-level architecture. The challenge was to assess the legacy DB architecture and deliver a migration fit assessment that showcased a holistic view of the implication of moving to the AWS cloud.


Agilisium’s six-member expert team assessed and approached the solutioning in the following manner:

  • Firstly, the source data extracted as multi-part files were migrated to AWS using Snowball. A custom utility was used to accelerate load from Amazon S3 to Redshift.
  • Existing distribution keys were re-used, and optimal sort keys were identified based on query logs.
  • Burst compute leveraged to meet peak-hour concurrency needs.
  • Informatica jobs were migrated as-is, and all mapping was refreshed.
  • MSTR workloads were migrated as-is to AWS, and reports were repointed.
Business Benefits
  • Capex to Opex costing model.
  • 5x performance uplift in MicroStrategy reports.
  • Future proof Data & Analytics platform to support innovation via Athena, Redshift Spectrum, and Sagemaker.