Case Study
Change Enabling real-time Ad hoc & Standard report generation for a AWS based SAP BO system for Universal Music Group
The client, a large M&E player, decided to build a data reporting system that provides the insight on the product inventory, open orders, shipments & associated information of Physical products handled by International supply chain & also assist OpCo supply chain teams in some of the EU countries. It is expected that the availability of data will be as close to “real-time” as can be reasonably achievable.

It has been experienced in the past, that titles can see demand patterns changing by the hour. Therefore, it is essential to be able to see outstanding customer orders, outstanding manufacturing orders and current total & net inventory in a new real time of through frequent data refresh.

The Challenge

  • Need for huge volume of data to be imported into the data warehouse at frequent intervals to keep the data as close to real time as possible.
  • Requirement to build a reporting system that could generate highly customizable reports from huge volume of data without affecting the performance.
  • The data is growing at an accelerating speed of 4 million records per day approximately and hence the requirement to build a scalable solution to keep with the rate of data influx.
  • Client was looking out for cost efficient, scalable solution that does not undermine speed and business agility.

Our Solution

  • Agilisium came up with a solution to build a highly scalable SAP Business Object Reporting System on top of AWS cloud environment that could generate ad-hoc drill-up and drill-down reports.
  • A highly efficient data warehouse service built using AWS Redshift where the data is refreshed at frequent intervals from the source system to keep data as close to real time as possible with no or negligible downtime.
  • A highly secure system using the security capabilities provided by AWS.
  • An efficient data workflow was orchestrated to automatically move data from S3 into AWS Redshift using Data pipeline.

Technology Stack Used

SAP Business Objects

AWS Redshift


AWS Data Pipeline


Results and Benefits
  • The system has the capability to generate ad-hoc, standard and scheduled reports using SAP Business Object Reporting System that are customized for various use cases.
  • A high performance and cost efficient enterprise reporting solution developed that could support enormous amount of data that is scalable with the rate of data influx.
  • The system is able to provide closest “real time” data that gives users better decision making capabilities.
  • Developed highly secure solution using the AWS secure and durable technology platform.
  • Improvement in performance by 10x when compared to the traditional on-premise systems.
  • Maintenance of the system has drastically declined after the implementation of BO as an AWS solution, for e.g. no patch updates required, minimal server maintenance etc.