Case Study
Effective Graphical Reports of Royalty Payments for a Global Music Corporation


Our client is a major American music corporation and recording label, which manages and maintains media and entertainment data. One of the key information that the company collects is the royalty payments made to content creators and owners such as performance artists, songwriters, composers and copyright holders. This data is obtained from sales and distribution channels.

The client was previously using Oracle Database for this purpose and has recently migrated to Redshift Data Warehouse System, while utilizing SAP Business Objects BI Platform (v 4.2 SP4) as a reporting tool.

The Challenge

Despite the move to an advanced cloud data warehouse, the existing reporting system was not equipped to processes the data, creating delays in the process. The system took typically around 24 hours to process the data and produce the reports.

Besides, the reporting system produced simple excel reports, which were quite cumbersome and not appealing to the user. A simple combination of graphs, pivot charts and tables were insufficient to handle the current load from the database and to deliver the required payment insights.

Our Solution

To address this challenges, Agilisium leveraged cloud-powered Amazon QuickSight, a natural fit for AWS Redshift, and integrated with SPICE (Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine) to process data, perform advanced calculations, speed-up analytical queries to create quicker and efficient dashboards and generate detailed analyses of the ownership royalties.

Key Highlights are:

  • Creation of interactive and graphical reports comprising of pivot tables, narratives and charts, providing a total of 6 dashboards and over 40 visuals.
  • Support for user access and authorization through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service.
  • Seamless access to Amazon QuickSight via AWS Console.
Results and Benefits

Through the implementation of the Amazon QuickSight BI Tool, there has been an operational performance improvement of up to 50% in the reports generation process.

Using QuickSight, Agilisium was able to offer to the clients increased menu options for its charts, to create a much more enhanced and visually appealing reports of the data.