Case Study
Custom DevOps solution adds value to Media giant's cloud journey


The client is an American mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered in New York.
Due to Agilisium’s expertise in Data and Analytics, our experts worked on delivering a cloud transformation for their licensing application. As part of the project, custom DevOps pipelines were implemented to ensure that the maintenance of the newly build cloud-native licensing application was intuitive, automated, and sustainable.


The client’s multi-stage cloud transformation target was the enterprise licensing application (ELA) that enables licensing of digital assets like filmed entertainment to other vendors. This on-premise application was developed inhouse by the client on Dot Net. The application had a traditional set-up with Front end built on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the service layer built on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with a SQL database as the back end and was deployed on Citrix servers.

This ELA division is one of the high revenue generators in the company and therefore was highly visible. The company chose to lower its technical debt by proactively moving its licensing application to the cloud. Since the current application had no significant issues, and the transformation was proactive, the challenge was to deliver an application that could offer improved usability, responsiveness, and ease of maintenance to the multiple stakeholders.


Agilisium’s 4-member solutioning team worked on delivering DevOps pipelines for the Sales and Availability for Filmed Entertainment (SAFE) component of the ELA. Within SAFE module, there were nine services. Pipelines for all nine services were delivered for the UAT and production environment.

The CI/CD pipeline balanced two needs – the need for the pipeline to custom fit the application and optimal reusability in the coming stages. The team worked over six weeks to deliver logical and replicable pipelines, which could be reused further into the multi-stage migration effort. Since application security was of paramount importance, just read-only access was enabled to the AWS console for monitoring purposes.


Benefits and next steps
  • Reusable templatized pipelines ensured ease of development in further project stages.
  • Highly exclusive access settings to ensure high security.
  • Custom-built pipelines to ensure ease of maintenance.