Case Study
Amazon QuickSight POC shines light on dark data, impresses pharma company


The client is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, with a successful partnership with Agilisium. The client commissioned an Amazon QuickSight POC due to Agilisium’s expertise with AWS’s BI service. The intent was to explore QuickSight’s performance, features, and cost-effectiveness against those offered by their existing BI solution.


As the client is a pharma company, compliance is an important part of their organization. The POC was implemented for the client’s global compliance team. Their existing BI solution visualized data to identify compliance exception trends and patterns, reasons for exceptions and explore the need for further interventions. The dashboards were accessedglobally, suffered from latency and were expensive. The POC’s scope was to convert the identified dashboards from the current BI solution to QuickSight. The visualizations were not required to be the exact replications, but the client tasked Agilisium’s experts with delivering similar or better insights.


Agilisium’s AWS certified architects and engineers built a solution that offered the best fit or new visualization of the chosen dashboards. The workflow is shared below. QuickSight’s various features were leveraged – SPICE, Auto Narrative, anomaly detection, various visualizations – by our experts to build next best fit dashboards that rivaled the one offered by their present BI solution.

Additional value adds

One added advantage of moving the BI tool to QuickSight was that the client could then take advantage of the various other services in the AWS ecosystem. In this case, the architects could leverage AWS’s NLP service – Amazon Comprehend to discover insights and relationships in text. The data analyzed was large chunks of text authored by users who recorded compliance and regulatory exceptions. The client had not analyzed this data at all. By leveraging Comprehend, the architects used Keyword identification and Topic modeling to analyze and derive insights from this “dark data”, adding tremendous value to the client.

Business Benefits

The POC impressed the client favorably as

  • SPICE feature enabled high-speed retrieval of data for dashboards (under 30 secs), which were visible globally across geographies with no loss in performance.
  • The dashboards were also downloadable in CSV, Excel and PDF data formats.
  • Auto Narrative and anomaly detection features provided deeper, easier to understand insights to users.