Case Study
Accelerated Migration from SQL to Amazon Redshift


The client is a top global market leader in music-based entertainment, headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The client approached Agilisium’s experts to solve and deliver a database (DB) migration from a SQL DB to Amazon Redshift. The current set up had increased query latency while also being prohibitively expensive to maintain.


The combined data size from across the several silos was about 12 TB. Re-platforming data of this scale required much heavy lifting and was time-consuming, thereby delaying data-based decision making. The typical migration approach of custom coding increased security risks, increased timelines, and cost of the project. There was also an excessive amount of manual effort spent on extracting and importing of data.

Our Solution

Being an AWS certified Data and Analytics partner gave Agilisium exclusive access to the AWS marketplace, where AWS partners offer solutions to common issues facing enterprise cloud adopters. Attunity Cloud Beam for accelerated migration of data.

  • Framework with a well-defined data dictionary and scalable table schemas to deliver efficiency.
  • Intuitive and configurable GUI to facilitate a quick and easy set-up of data migration from source to destination without manual coding.
  • Created a Row-Level security framework for seamless and uninterrupted data availability.
Results and Benefits
  • 5x faster data migration compared to a manual coding approach.
  • Zero downtime in Data Replication.
  • Reduced data redundancy and impact on source systems.
  • Smooth and rapid migration of Data.