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Find our wide array of aws talent pool of several data engineer roles, architects, and senior developer roles at cost-effective offshore rates

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Large enterprises face talent gap within the organization while creating highly skilled team to execute specific task or big projects related to data and analytics solution. They need highly skilled Data engineers, AWS solution architect, Devops engineer, Full-stack developer, Cloud engineer, Contract AWS professionals and Senior software engineer from time to time. However, it can take a long time to find, shortlist, and hire in-house engineers, usually large enterprise takes too long to finish the project due to shortage of highly skilled AWS talents.

You need a professional IT specialty staffing service provider like us to leverage the full potential of AWS data engineering and big data analytics solution. We make it easy for you to manage more resources to build a large team or a single resource to execute short term projects. With our AWS specific set of skills, in-depth knowledge, and domain expertise, we help you get the right IT experts in no time. In this manner, we eradicate the backstage activities such as hiring, employee retention etc.

At Agilisium, we assist companies in onboarding the
right resource for AWS development within just 15 days.


We possess the best tech experts and project team with in-depth domain expertise that can assist you to fulfil the company’s speciality staffing solution needs.

With us, you can hire skilled talents based on job type such as full-time, on-demand/remote workforce, on-site, onshore, and offshore.

Form your AWS project team with the help of our project team setup with niche talents at quick turnaround time.

We support rapid growth, scale up your new software engineering team to support your separate business unit and attract new talent at your new region.

We assist you in recruiting multi-culture talent in competitive environment.

How Does It Work?

Our dedicated AWS team has huge expertise and focuses on fulfilling your AWS specialty staffing needs. We have a talented pool of certified AWS people. Whether you need a cloud/cost optimization, or participation in AWS Partner Network for full-on cloud migration, we will assist you in getting things right from the first day.

Know how you can hire our AWS resources:

  • Fix an appointment with our AWS talent pool expert
  • Discuss your AWS resource requirement
  • We prepare your candidate list using our proven talent search process
  • We will send you the pre-vetted hotlist based on the job description with the right AWS skillsets and expertise
  • Pick your profiles based on job title, skill set and job type
  • We do level1 and level2 screening processes for you
  • Onboard your resource within 15 days
  • Kickstart your project in less than 30 days

Our screening process:

Our screening process is easy and quick. In this way, we can choose and deploy the best candidate for the job to serve you.

Check our screening process below:

We prepare candidates list using our proven talent search process

Pre-vetted candidate profiles list based on job specifications

We do Level 1 initial screening of the selected profiles with our in-house mid-level developers. We do Level 2 screening with seiner data architects.

What we can offer:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the main pillar of our professional cloud practice. Resourcing the top AWS talents for our clients is why we are a profitable partner in staffing AWS cloud ventures. The rewards we earn from the organization’s trust in our resources.

2 weeks trial period to experience our resource capabilities

The proven talent search process

Niche talents at a very quick turnaround time

Pre-vetted candidates based on job specifications

Level 1 and Level 2 cleared profiles

Affordable offshore rate based on seniority and skill level

Advantages of hiring AWS resources from Agilisium:

If you are searching for the right resources for your AWS cloud project, speak to our professional recruitment consultants. We assist you in eradicating research time and a trial-period process.

  • Operate with the team of 500+ certified AWS and data professionals globally
  • AWS advanced tier consulting partner
  • Premium data bricks consulting partner
  • Working with fortune 500 companies
  • We help companies across the US build an efficient technical team for the past 8+ years
  • We have 7 global delivery centers with 900+ consultants deployed both onshore & offshore
  • Placed 400+ professionals across the industry
  • Processes that normally took 2 to 3 months can now be completed in one week
  • Executed managed services
  • Quick onboarding for short term projects
  • 150+ AWS certified experts
  • Quick POC support

Getting Started

Find our wide array of aws talent pool of several data engineer roles, architects, and senior developer roles at cost-effective offshore rates