Big data solution and media & entertainment industry

Implement big data analytics technology to derive near real-time customer data.

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Emerging media and entertainment industry trend

The media and entertainment Industry value chain has changed. Top-line growth from mature segments are declining, and Digital media and entertainment content are growing, albeit at a lower rate. Media consumption habit of the audience are highly fragmented. Today they have myriad of options and gravitate towards skinnier bundles of selective content, which has led to fiercer competitions among media and entertainment players for digital wallet share. It has become important for this player to monitor how its digital content is consumed, to decide where to invest ad dollars and increase viewership & top line.

Companies have embraced digital technologies that drive them to create and deliver better digital experience with data and ML as well as gain deeper insights into their customers. The digital disruption has fundamentally transformed every aspect of the media and entertainment industry’s value chain. For instance, media companies globally battling with the exponentially growing data at the speed that their viewers want personalized content suggestions. Delivering a digital experience that goes beyond content, including the device of choice as well as on-demand content streaming, pricing model and content monetization are the emerging trends and challenges in the media industry.

Major business challenges

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  • Proportionate impact on all downstream data processes and limited ability to make true data-driven strategic business decisions.
  • Driving personalized content suggestions to customers was cumbersome and delayed, greatly hampering user experience.
  • Gaining timely insights from mountains of data shared by streaming partners (Spotify, Apple, YouTube etc.).
  • Delay in near real time customer content consumption, customer interest and behaviour data.
  • Delay in customer data reporting process that led to customer churn of 30%

Our Approach

We enable internal teams (Marketing, Product, Production, Social Media) to shift from instincts-driven to insights-driven decision making, by providing anytime access to all data processed automatically using elastically scalable Analytics platform.

  • Implementing data lake solution architecture that scales up with the growing data volume and provides reliable, real-time access to business insights.
  • Automated data integration framework, data governance and audit processes was envisaged
  • Automated data processing & loading in the lowest grain to help answer questions such as how many viewers transitioned among digital platforms, and change in number of full episode viewers (FEP).
  • Automated data processing would enable key business decision makers to gain holistic view with minimal dependence on IT.

Our proposed solution to leverage functional digital transformation

An elastically scalable data warehouse analytics platform was built on top of AWS Cloud. A fully functional digital transformation platform for complete data storage, pipeline, high-volume data processing, retrieval digital platform with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.


4x faster data integration

increased data integration speed by 200%, which translated into $50,000/year in cost savings.

360-degree view is now a few clicks away

As auto-processed data available in the lowest grain from all data sources; slicing and dicing it to unearth insights are just a few clicks away.

No more guessing

With anytime availability of all auto-processed data, internal teams are now able to cut the guess work in decision making.

Advanced Analytics ready

Data in both S3 and Redshift can be leveraged for downstream scalable predictive analytics, at speed of thought.

Faster Data processing

Data processing time has reduced by 75%, leading to faster marketing intelligence.

Quick Downstream reports

All downstream reports are processed 40% earlier to make true data-driven strategic business decisions

Deep dive analysis

slice and dice analytics using historical data (impossible in older system) made possible in a faster and cost-efficient manner in AWS elastically scalable data warehouse analytics platform.

Getting Started

Implement big data analytics technology to derive near real-time customer data.