Askdata Search BI

AI Powered Search Analytics.
Rapid. Precise. On-the-go.

Empower your decision makers with searchable insights delivered when, where and how they need it


Existing BI tools often have a steep learning curve leading to only a small group users within an enterprise with access to valuable insights. It is proven that data driven decision making is crucial even at the lowest rungs of an enterprise. So how do we democratize access to data?

Agilisium & Askdata are proud to present the AI-Powered Search Analytics solution to this issue.

Search is a beginner digital skill. Even the least tech savvy user can rapidly grasp how to search for information online. Search BI Analytics enables just that, but with your data.

This world-class solution is the result of the melding our proven implementation capabilities with Askdata’s emerging AI driven search analytics. Through this solution, enterprises can empower their decision makers by delivering internet style searchable Insights on-the-go. This all-inclusive package could be just what is needed to take data-driven decision making to the next level.

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