Enable Connected Data Intelligence
with SnapLogic
Power-up Data discovery : Collaborate, Share and Scale-up.

With SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform, Data Management is now easier for Organizations of all size.

SnapLogic can Connect Data & Apps 80% faster, Improve Productivity by 4X, and Reduce Ramp-Times for new initiatives by 90%

Named as a leader in the iPaaS segment by Gartner (2018), G2 Crowd (2018) and Forrester (2019), SnapLogic is a front-runner in Data Integration and Self-Service Application space.

Breaking conventional approach, SnapLogic has a unique ‘code-free’ structure with agile Quick-Snap Integration features, that easily integrates with any Application, on Cloud or On-Premise in real-time.

Being a full-stack Integration solution, SnapLogic can elevate Data-Analytics forefront for organizations, with any data size, and enable them to maximize their Data Management capabilities.

As a Premier Consulting Partner with SnapLogic, Agilisium is focused on empowering organizations with ‘Connected Data’ Intelligence and to help them monetize data.

The Partnership Story

As a Premier Consulting Partner, Agilisium is deeply invested in building SnapLogic capabilities that can help organizations leverage their Data-Driven Intelligence approach and further enhance their Data Ecosystem. With a dedicated SnapLogic centre of excellence and an eye on customer Data Integration needs, Agilisium strives to provide the best solutions for customers to make the most out of SnapLogic.

  • Beta Testing Partner

    “Explore” business opportunities while we “experiment” with technologies for you.

    Early adopter of SnapLogic eXtreme

  • Preferred Adoption Partner

    Harness our experience for your success

    20 + SnapLogic Implementation & Support Engagements

  • Technology Acceleration Partner

    Why walk when you can ride the technology wave?

    Data Migration Accelerator SNAPAHEAD – Double the speed of SnapLogic adoption and reduce cost upto 30%

Our SnapLogic Capabilities

A specialist player in the ETL/Migration and Cloud Data Integration arena, Agilisium brings in tested Snaplogic expertise, along with readily deployable resources.

With over 1000 Person Months of Cloud Data Integration and Implementation experience in Enterprise Data Lakes, Cloud Data Warehousing and Big Data Analytics engagements, Agilisium is the go-to-partner for SnapLogic Consultation, Implementation and Support.

  • Consultation

    Define Integration and Migration Roadmap

  • Implementation

    Propel Cloud-based Enterprise Data Lake & Data Warehouse initiatives

  • Support

    Optimize and Stabilize Business Operations with Catered Integration Solution

  • 70+

    Data Integration Specialists

  • 30+

    SnapLogic Certified Consultants

  • 1000+

    Person Month exp of implementing Enterprise Data Lakes & Cloud Data Warehousing solutions

  • PB Scale

    Data Processed

Solution Framework

Agilisium’s Enterprise-friendly Solution Frameworks can eliminate underlying Integration complexities, reduce implementation costs by up to 20%, without interrupting business process, thereby leading to faster Data Discovery & Distribution.

With three exclusive Solution frameworks ACE (Accelerated Constraints Evaluator), RAID (Rapid Automated Information Detector) and ASAP (Accelerated Snaplogic Adoption Programme), Agilisium helps customer address varied Integration and Migration needs.


Automated and Highly Secure Framework for uninterrupted Data and Application Integration.

SNAPAHEAD: A Migration Accelerator

Upgrading Legacy Data Integration Systems? Speed-up Data Integration from Legacy to Modern Infrastructure with SNAPAHEAD – our very own Migration Accelerator.

Agilisium’s SNAPAHEAD can reduce SnapLogic adoption time by 25% and costs up to 30%, while keeping the business engines uninterrupted.


Debating over Technology Adoption and its Unpredictability?

Our customized Jumpstart packages can unblock adoption uncertainties, giving more clarity on Implementation to Deployment Time & Costs, with predictable outcomes.

  • Data Consulting Jumpstart

    Define the future Roadmap of your Enterprise Data Platform in 4 weeks

  • Data Platform Modernization

    Accelerate Cloud-based Enterprise Data Lake & Data Warehouse initiatives, with a Pilot use case in 5 weeks.

  • SnapLogic Expert Guidance

    Create an Enterprise-grade Cloud Data Integration Solution, on SnapLogic.

  • Solution Performance Assessment

    360˚ guidance to achieve peak performance with your Enterprise Data Integration Solution.

Featured Success Stories

Agilisium’s Customized SnapLogic Migration Framework Reduces Effort by 20%
Agilisium’s Automated Data Integration solution for SnapLogic quickens Pharma Sales insights
Facilitating Smart Customer 360 View and Rich Insights via Self-Service Integration Support