SnapLogic POC

 Agilisium helps with a low-risk start by offering a pilot run for services (notably Data Integration) to evaluate us and see if we could make a suitable technology partner. Our SnapLogic Proof of Concept (POC) is a rapid development engagement, designed for customers to integrate their enterprise data on cloud, utilizing the latest technology stack. The outcome is integration of multiple data sets to form a “Single Source of Truth” data set that will serve as the backbone for BI and Analytics applications.

The Agilisium Advantage

Agilisium works with the customer to identify a representative dataset that encompasses the POC theme. Specific guidelines are set to ensure the nature of the dataset
(neither too large nor too complex to complete within the desired timeframe). The scope may vary based on whether the customer wants to integrate data from multiple cloud platforms,
or simply look at the new and better integration functionalities of SnapLogic (in comparison with the current /other traditional integration tools).

Agilisium’s Value Proposition

  • Assurance for the right step in your proposed project journey
  • Recommendation & Evaluation of software and software integration skills required to deliver the project
  • Validation of real strengths & weaknesses of identified technologies/vendors)
  • Assesses whether the solution would address your business needs
  • Guidance towards a smooth and successful integration & migration

Business Benefits

  • Rapid time to value as we deliver amazingly fast PoCs
  • Easy customizations with prebuilt intelligent connectors that simplify connectivity with other platforms
  • Superior architecture and deployment flexibility
  • Future-proofing your investments with built-in elasticity and self-upgrading softwares

Terms of Engagement

  • Agilisium shall assist in creating and uploading VMs if the cloud instance is utilized.The customer will have to bear the cost pertaining to cloud hosting and data transfer.
  • The fixed price for this engagement is US $15,000 (excluding travel expenses).
  • The estimated duration of the engagement is 2-3 weeks.

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