SnapLogic Accelerator

SnapLogic Accelerator
Migration from Legacy to Cloud Data Integration, Now easier Done than Said.

With Agilisium’s SnapLogic Migration Accelerator,

migration effort from
‘Legacy to SnapLogic
Pipelines’ by 25% and
cost up to 30%.

Traditional Data Integration tools are a liability in the age of Cloud & Big Data.

Legacy data integration tools, in spite of their evolution for cloud, are handicapped by an architecture that was built for on-premises data. Organizations who are constrained by such tools face massive delays in cloud adoption, further delaying their ability to derive insights from data.

Cloud-first data integration tools such as SnapLogic offer businesses all the advantages of a cloud native application, while providing connectors to integrate “data, apps, APIs and things” , at the fraction of the cost of traditional integration tools.

Agilisium’s SNAPAHEAD helps such organizations accelerate their cloud journey, by simplifying the migration process from ‘on-prem legacy ETL code to cloud-based SnapLogic Pipelines’.

SNAPAHEAD – SnapLogic Accelerator

Solution Features

In line with Agilisium’s commitment to help organizations take the Data-to-Insight Leap, the SNAPAHEAD Migration Accelerator is designed to simplify and reduce the effort involved in the migration process. Now convert Legacy mappings to SnapLogic compliant pipelines in a single click, without the need for any additional resources to run the accelerator. Features include:

  • Metadata Conversion

    Legacy Object (XML) mapping metadata to SL (JSON) pipeline

  • Data Dictionary

    Robust framework to map Snaps

  • Serverless Orchestration

    Integrated trigger using AWS Lambda

  • UI Rendering

    Snap positioning in the SnapLogic designer.

  • Auto Configure Snap Properties

    Reads Legacy object properties and auto configures them into the snaps

  • Predefined Logical Structures

    Alignment to SnapLogic design standards (Many- to-one input auto-converted to one-to-one inputs)

Reference Architecture


  • One-click deployment of SnapLogic pipelines

  • Customizable templates for frequently used Snaps

  • Best-fit code conversion quality

  • Quantifiable Reduction in Effort and Cost of Migration*

* For effort involving 500 ETL tasks, with 6 resources and 6-8 months, SNAPAHEAD can reduce effort by 25% and cost up to 30%

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