AWS Redshift Optimization Program

AWS Redshift Optimization Program
Realize & maintain your Redshift EDWs full potential with our holistic, phased approach

Your AWS Redshift workload, optimized!


For today’s organizations, scaling AWS Redshift clusters to meet increasing compute and complex reporting needs; while ensuring optimal cost, performance and security standards is a daunting task. With Agilisium’s Redshift Optimization Program, organizations can now take a holistic look at their Redshift workloads to identify challenges and address them thoroughly and rapidly through a phased approach, extracting more value from AWS Redshift in the process.

That’s not all, maintaining the balance between cost, agility and performance is built into the program allowing organizations to reap continual benefits.

Our Approach

Our 3-phase approach starts with identifying how well a AWS redshift workload is aligned to 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF), followed by optimization of top challenges identified. We then conduct a periodic health check to maintain optimal cost, performance, security standards.


Agilisium Advantage

  • Demonstrated Capability

    15+ PB migrated to AWS and managed till date through $50 MN worth of successful Big Data Analytics projects

  • 400-level AWS Experts

    55+ AWS Certified Experts.Our Architects regularly attend Area of Depth (AOD) training conducted by the Redshift Product team

  • Rich corpus of best practices

    Based on 100+ AWS Redshift-specific best practices mined from delivering several TB-scale Big Data Analytics solutions

  • Unique Assessment Methodology

    Assessment cover key facets uniquely applicable to Redshift, across 5 pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework

Top 3 AWS Redshift Competency Partner in the U.S

As an early AWS Redshift Service Delivery Partner, we have migrated several PBs of data from legacy systems to AWS Redshift successfully. Our average NPS of 9.3 in the AWS Partner Network (APN) is test amount to our customer centricity. Learn more about our Redshift Capabilities.

Client Speak

Our month end process was turning slower and costlier. Agilisium was able to quickly diagnose and recommend table and query-level changes in Redshift that would enhance performance. In addition, they suggested architectural changes for cost-efficiency and explained how to take advantage of latest Redshift features to make our Redshift workload ready for next-gen analytical use cases.

Director, Global Commercial Data & Analytics
U.S Pharma Giant

Agilisium’s structured approach unearthed very interesting observations across all dimensions of our Redshift workload. They gave specific recommendations that addressed our immediate concerns around Cost and Performance. They also extended our knowledge on how to unlock more value from our Redshift workload, while preparing it for ever-growing use cases. We plan to evaluate our other bigger Redshift workloads through this lens.

Director, Global Commercial Data & Analytics
U.S Biotech Giant

Packaged Services

3-day AWS WAF-based Redshift Assessment

Get a fact based assessment of how your AWS Redshift workload scales against 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework(WAF).

Identify the essential 20% optimization strategies that can yield 80% business impact in just 3 days!

Redshift Cost Optimization Program

In spite of many powerful features that Amazon Redshift offers, there are many instances where customers encounter occasional sloppy performance and cost upheavals.

With expert fine tuning, it is possible to scale Redshift for the higher possibilities at lower costs to accomodate the growing users and data volume.

Redshift Inspector

Agilisium’s homegrown Automated AWS Redshift Assessment Toolkit

Success Stories

Fact-based Redshift Assessment led to 50% faster queries for U.S Pharma Giant
Holistic Redshift Assessment reduces Cost and uplifts Performance for M&E Giant
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