Redshift Inspector

Redshift Inspector
An automated toolkit that enables
Holistic assessment of Redshift workloads


An EDW is an ever-changing thing. Even the most well thought out, robust EDW built on Redshift suffers from performance degradation and escalating costs over time. However, for organizations, undertaking a Redshift Optimization is a daunting task. Most organizations while attempting an in-house optimization struggle against a seemingly endless array of decisions about tools, talent, resources and scale of assessment. In the end, there’s also the question of how or where to start with such a specialized, niche task.

For such organizations, a bird’s eye view offered by Agilisium’s – Redshift Inspector is just what they need. Redshift Inspector is our homegrown Automated toolkit for AWS Redshift Assessment. It identifies – holistically yet rapidly – how an AWS Redshift workload scales up against 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF).


  • Automated fact-based assessment

    Holistic 60-point check of your Aws Redshift workload across 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF)

  • Rich Corpus of Best Practices

    Toolkit is based on a rich corpus of growing Redshift best practices from several 100+ TB-scale Big Data Analytics solutions delivered successfully

  • Flexible deployment models

    Client DBA can run the toolkit against AWS Redshift workload (or) Agilisium can run it against Redshift metadata dump provided

How it Works

Featured Programs

Redshift Optimization Program

Realise the full potential of Amazon Redshift even as your EDW is modified to keep up with changing business needs.

Optimize your Amazon Redshift workload for Cost and Performance, while turning it more secure, resilient, and robust

Success Stories

Fact-based Redshift Assessment led to 50% faster queries for U.S Pharma Giant
Holistic Redshift Assessment reduces Cost and uplifts Performance for M&E Giant
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