QuickSight Embedded Analytics

QuickSight Embedded Analytics
Harness the power of Amazon QuickSight
Seamlessly integrate and offer deep insights
All within your application


The large volume of data collected by almost every organization today is only valuable when Insights are derived from it. Traditional BI tools struggle with the complexity of the 3 Vs of data – Volume, Variety and Velocity. This complexity is a hurdle to customer delight, particularly for Software-as-a-service organizations.

Now, with Amazon QuickSight’s Embedded Analytics Feature, such organizations can seamlessly integrate Amazon QuickSight Dashboards right into their applications, offering deep, incisive insights powered by AI / ML. They can also scale globally, with no operational or maintenance overhead while paying only for what their customers use with this fully managed BI service from AWS.

Why Embedded Analytics

  • Dashboards & Analytics embedded in the application

  • User adoption rates increases significantly

  • Users need not switch between applications

  • Adds immense value to the application

  • Customer workflows remain uninterrupted

  • Improves User experience & Customer satisfaction

  • Greater productivity

  • More time spent within the application

QuickSight Embedded features

  • Seamless integration

    Embed Interactive dashboards into applicationsSDKs and APIs make integration seamless while themes allow for personalization. Match app UX with User experience with defaults and error handling.

  • Incisive Insights

    Offer your users incisive insights, contextually and right in the moment with NLQ, Anomaly detection and forecasting. Users can even author, publish and share their own dashboards.

  • Easy to manage

    Programmatically manage analytics workflows, Setup multi-tenant architecture, Move dashboards across accounts and Manage access with SSO. AWS manages all infrastructure letting you concentrate on your core offering.

  • Scale Globally

    From 10 users to hundreds of thousands, you can scale up as you grow

  • No code management

    Manage dashboards that evolve with your business. No coding involved

  • Pay as you go

    Pay only for what is actually accessed by your users

Industry Use cases

  • Simple web pages

    Customer facing Portals, Digital Native business, e-commerce sites, News

    Useful for sharing data visualizations with large, general audiences

  • Custom web portals

    Enterprise customers with custom intranet portals for in-house employees, External websites for customers, partners, consultants

    Useful for sharing data visualizations with large, general audiences

  • Third-party applications

    Enterprise customers with existing applications like Salesforce, Unica, Hyperion etc.

    Ensures users have the data they need to make informed decisions within the application

  • Data Products

    Enterprise customers*

    Leverage security protocols, SSO, authentication, data access management, API integration for programmatic control of backend functionality


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  • Workshop

    Private & Personalized Embedded Analytics training for your data team

Success Stories

Improved User adoption & Added revenue with Embedded Analytics on the Merchandise Portal
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