Managed Services

Managed Services

Effectively enhance business efficiency

Business success is directly and largely dependent on the smooth functioning of operations.  Striking an optimal balance between the cost and the efficiency of operations is the dual challenge faced by CIOs all over.

Agilisium brings you the best of research, skills, and expertise to your IT services. Our offerings include:

  1. Design and innovations
  2. Managed infrastructure services
  3. Data warehouse services
  4. Network management services
  5. Data Security services

Agilisium Advantage

We help you realize the complete potential of business and enhance your scalability to meet future demands. Our specialized managed services team will optimize your business setup, reduce operational expenditures, and enhance business performance.

Our Offerings

Cloud DevOps

We offer Cloud DevOps as a managed service and provide your team with all the benefits of the cloud. We ensure scalability of your IT environments enabling seamless integration, deployment, and innovation.

Data Integration

We provide proactive monitoring and maintenance services to efficiently run your data integration environment. Our certified experts ensure smooth and interruption-free operations of your BI & Analytics systems.

BI Stack

To keep good things happening in the business, you need to regularly iterate your BI process. Our experts will indicate and analyze every piece of information to make accurate decisions. Adopting BI stack will solve specific data problems, enable data exploration, and disseminate useful information across your business system.

QA Managed Services

Stay proactive and business driven with Agilisium’s QA managed services. Our professionals help you examine your organization’s maturity on QA functions and evaluate new testing tools, application performance, and cloud scalability. Furthermore, we induce immense maturity, elasticity and agility.

Key Differentiators

  • Globally balanced & distributed delivery model for better support and economics
  • SLA and metrics driven approach
  • Cost-effective and flexible solutions that can address all your critical business challenges

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