Big Data Governance

In data economy, enterprises that don’t make it easier for data citizens to find, trace and understand data get rapidly outsmarted by their data-driven peers. On the contrary, enterprises that foster innovation through unrestricted data access across levels face the risk of paying regulatory fines. The sweet spot is in the middle where data democratization and fine-grained data security strike a balance. Data governance enables enterprises to find that happy medium and turn data agile to fuel strategic decisions.  

Unlike traditional information systems where structured data was processed, modelled, and governed before use; unstructured Big Data is governed after it is analysed (used). Part of the attraction of Data Lakes is that it enables businesses to unearth insights from raw data. Unstructured nature of Big Data impedes traditional data governance process. Highly data distributed organizations should follow a new approach where big data governance is agile, collaborative to ensure that speed and flexibility of innovative big data approaches stay uninhibited.  

At Agilisium, we help enterprises to establish sustainable data governance and comply with broader regulations such as EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cost-effectively. Our purpose-built, collaborative data governance framework puts people first and democratizes data governance. It helps to crowdsource metadata, define enterprise-wide data access policies, business and data quality rules, and enables data citizens and data stewards to collaboratively solve data issues. The results are trustworthy data, increased compliance, reduced risk, and higher value appropriation from analytics investments.



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Corsair optimizes supply chain with increased data insights and reduced costs
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