Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Digital Customer Experience (DCX)
Powered by AWS
Helping businesses deliver personalized
experience across various digital platforms

Agilisium Consulting is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Agilisium Consulting is a cloud-driven consulting firm that focuses on driving digital transformation to businesses across multiple industries. We leverage the complete potential of AWS Cloud and native feature and simultaneously adopting optimal cloud operating model.

We’re driven by our core values and we work towards helping businesses reach their goals and push their boundaries.

As a result, it is important to have a partner with you to offer DCX strategy, not only from the technology front but also from organizational and business perspectives.

Delivering Digital Customer Experience

With AWS solutions by your side and making the most out of them, we help you improve your overall digital customer experience. As a result, we help you leverage the power of data to deliver personalized and relevant messaging consistently to grab the attention of your customers, develop a tangible relationship, and convert them as your loyal customers.

Also, as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we adhere to the AWS best practices in developing robust, secure, high-performing, efficient, and resilient cloud infrastructure for business needs.

How Agilisium Consulting Leverages AWS Solutions

AWS empowers organizations with infrastructure, availability, storage, and decision-making capabilities to make the most out of their assets and data and deliver meaningful digital customer experience.

With our experts having hands-on experience in delivering multiple successful DCX projects, we understand the core principles of Digital Customer Experience. As a result, businesses can expect the following benefits:

  • Using behavioral data in a business context
  • Unifying customer data in a centralized location
  • Integrating the latest technological innovations in customer experience into a single, coherent system
  • Executing automated multi-step customer journeys across all channels
  • Powering up a well-crafted & personalized customer experience
  • Building a more fluid and integrated architecture
  • Delivering unified customer experience across all touchpoints
  • Improving the overall business agility
  • Delivering substantial business value

Agilisium’s Approach Towards Enabling DCX

In this digital age, for businesses to deliver a meaningful digital customer experience, you need a collection of necessary data, strategy, and technology to clean, create, optimize, and deliver incredible experiences anytime, anywhere.

Our proven work method enables businesses to deliver realistic and meaningful digital customer experiences. We enable the businesses to understand the people that engage with them in a convenient and efficient way. We follow a human-centric approach across different digital channels with the help of automation.

  • Integrate

    We collate all your customer data in a centralized database and enable you to deliver a personalized customer experience

  • Segment

    With the customer database, we help you segment your customers based on their traits.

  • Personalize

    We help business craft personalized content and deliver them to the right customer at the right time for an enhanced digital customer experience

  • Automate

    We help businesses to execute multi-step customer journeys across digital channels in an automated fashion.

AWS Services We Leverage

As an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, we completely rely on the tools and capabilities of AWS to enable your business with Digital Customer Experience. Here are the tools we use:

  • Scalability to effectively handle surge in traffic on your website/application (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2))
  • Serverless computing (AWS Lambda)
  • Admin panel for static sites (Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3))
  • Customer engagement campaigns such as email, push notifications, in-app messages (Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3))
  • Identity Management (IdM) for storing data in a centralized place (Amazon Cognito)
  • Affordable & secure service for sending transactional emails (Amazon Simple Email Service (SES))


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